Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Saturday Mornings at the Craigmile Crew

Daddy made it back from California and we enjoyed a typical Saturday morning for a little bit before heading out for the start of Tennis Lessons.

Daddys, they can always play so much better and longer than mommys, they don't look around and think about what should or needs to be done around the house, they just soak up the time with the kiddos, as they should.

A combo of wolves, and caves and boats and water and swimming...


Crazy to think it wasn't that long ago Emma was a newborn in my lap while Sally and Libby played.  And now she holds her own.  I just know 4.0's days will fly right on by too :(

We're already 28 weeks...THIRD TRIMESTER, how in the world did that happen???

and then we headed up the street for tennis lessons.  I was impressed with Emma's patience as she sat through both of her sister's lessons.

No socks, no, shoes, own chair...she owns the place...

Oh hey, Mom!
 Watching you out of the corner of her eye, her favorite thing, what a nut

One lesson down, one to go. Sally's hitting [VIDEO]

We would let Emma help pick up the balls when it was time [VIDEO]

We headed to 5pm Mass Saturday night, as we were headed to Marshall to celebrate Cannon at his Church on Sunday.  Emma wanted braids

and then there was a lady in front of us with a braid in her hair, pinned in a circle.  Throughout the entire Mass Emma wanted to touch it and see it...

She's become quite the talker as of late [VIDEO] this video doesn't really show that, just wanted to mention it for the future when I look back at old posts :)

Sunday morning we headed out bright and early to make it to Marshall by 10am to celebrate Cannon at his church.

Uncle Marc!

 Sweet LJ
 Daddy still has the touch, Madden out cold, until the congregation would clap
 Our Godson
 Always getting emotional, over nothin' ;)

Fun morning celebrating Cannon
 C-Mile Cousins!
 Emma and I enjoyed our Monday with nowhere to be, doesn't happen very often, we almost always have errands or a chiro appointment or a prenatal appointment.  Nope, it was a day of laundry and giggles and hanging out.  Caught her reading her Bible on my bed while I was folding laundry
 Sally's prepping for her first reconciliation.  We had a parent/child meeting Monday evening
 Miggy--Middle Girl, LJ, wasn't feeling too hot today (Tuesday), Emma was introduced to ice chips because what she sees she wants and better get ;)  She thought it was the greatest thing
 aaaaaaaaaaand I was picking my battles.  She wanted an Apple the size of her head, not cut up.  Sure kid, go ahead.  Did I mention, 3rd trimester?
 Thanks Mom

Happy Hump Day [tomorrow, if you're reading this tonight]!  Here's to hoping we're all healthy from here on out!

**I wish I had a video of real life.  Almost 5 year old hanging her head over the toilet, preggo mom with #4 sitting beside and helping 5yo while the rambunctious 2 year old climbs all over said preggo mom.  Trying for a piggy back ride.  Then getting mad because her mom has a ponytail in, how DARE she put her hair up.  Look Mom Look, 2 year old putting mom's boots on.  And that was all of 5 minutes of being home today.  Not to mention LJ got sick the very moment Sally's bus pulled up so I wasn't able to walk Sally to her bus and properly send her off on her way and she had a big fun day ahead with a field trip.  Which isn't a big deal, but mom guilt!! Can't do it all all the time.  And we survived and tomorrow will be a new day with new challenges and many joys**

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