Thursday, November 3, 2016

All Saints' Day 2016

The 2nd graders at Sally's school got to pick a favorite Saint.  Research it, write a paper and then dress like that Saint for the school Mass.

Sally chose Saint Faustina.  She's always loved the Divine Mercy image.  Even from when she was a few years younger, she would spot it and point it out.  We've also been watching the Divine Mercy Chaplet for Kids to help them learn more since it's the year of Mercy.

Here's her paper:

Putting it all together to make sure we're not missing anything
 Sisters were just as proud and excited, and then they wanted a turn too
 I can't even...

 and this one you say a Hail Mary...
 She's just as passionate...if not more so about Saint Faustina.  Since the nun costume arrived, the girls have been inspired to play Mass.  During Father's homily at Mass Libby whispered, "Mom, I'm going to become a saint some day."
 Sally was chosen to do part of the introduction for the Mass.  She missed the practice from being sick, so we went a little early the day of so she could practice.  We also got a special picture  :)
 She rocked her intro.  So proud of her courage and bravery, the church was packed!

and then Father was giving his homily and mentioning certain Saints that certain types of people could relate to.  Although, the ones he mentioned unfortunately weren't represented among the 2nd graders.  And then he started talking about the year of Mercy and you should have seen Sally's face light up.

Father Tollefson mentioned that Saint Maria Faustina helped spread the Lord's message of mercy, and was there a St. Faustina?  Sally had her hand raised as high as it could go and then the whole congregation clapped for her.  A moment she won't soon forget.

Thank you Father T for all that you do to make our parish wonderful.  Your joy for life is contagious!
 Sally with some of her Saintly friends!

A super proud Little Sister :) What a wonderful day and celebration!
 Afterward we got to hang with the Martinson Sister while their mama got her hair did.

It's kind of fun to have all the girls on my own so I can really watch and listen to them.  Emma and Aubrey are two peas in a pod, and have come to adore each other.  Emma helping her clip in her seat for lunch

Haddie had had school earlier that morning and Libby was asking great questions, comparing it to what she does at school.  "and so what did you do during circle time? Did you read a book or a have a letter of the week or a super star?"

Thankful and Grateful days over here at the Craigmile Crew.  We're excited to welcome visitors coming in town to get ready for Deer Hunting weekend!  Saint Hubert, pray for us :)

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