Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

I knew when I mentioned we were excited for a positive strep test that I would soon eat my words.  Yea, amoxicillin didn't do crap for Miss Sally.  Eventually we got her antibiotic switched Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning she was good to go.  Poor girl, had a fever from Tuesday until Saturday evening.  Glad we finally kicked it and I've got my girl back!

We had conferences last week for the Bigs.  To say we're proud parents, would be a huge understatement.  Academics are one thing, but when we hear about kindness, respect and empathy, that's when our hearts really beam!

We decided to try out the new restaurant that opened near the school.  Emma was in beast mode, per usual...

Wanted to drink her water without her straw with her cover on.  She found out quickly it didn't work well and it was "really cold" down her shirt


Since there was no school on Friday, I scheduled the Bigs' dentist visit.  Emma was all eyes.  Soon it'll be her turn
 LJ enjoying her TV above her
 Old Pro!  Both girls were cavity free and praised for a  job well done!
 Erma, always climbing and flying and being a goof

I didn't know if Miss Particular would ever actually wear her Halloween costume.  We practiced and coaxed many days ahead.  She finally was all about it once we had Libby have a turn and show her how fun it was

Something about a toddler in a costume and them having no idea how ridiculous they look, it gets me, every time

Enjoying a popcorn and movie party
 The girls thought up, prepped, created and delivered Boo-ing the neighbors.  I got a kick out of Libby running away after they rang the doorbell.  She hates being chased and was terrified of being caught :)

Emma being silly


Carving least favorite tradition, but we do it for the girls and the memories.
 I was pretty proud of my last minute creation.  No pinterest or googling, thought it all up on my own.

Reid's is the V-Viking
Libby's is the far left.  She drew the face and Reid carved it.
Emma's is the middle, I cleaned the guts and Reid carved
Sally's is the far right, she drew it and Reid carved
 Proud of their creations
 Love getting pictures of the girls during their school days.  Libby helping to make chocolate pudding during Pp week
 Sure kid, you can sit on the table, if it means I can sip my coffee HOT and catch a few minutes of the news while your sisters play upstairs (I don't dare let them see/watch the news these days...)
Emma has become quite attached to Daddy.  If he gets her up in the morning with his work clothes on, she's not a happy camper, "Work all done"  She loves when he is in his sweats "Cub, donuts!"

She loved her shirt the other day


annnnnnnd now the finale, Halloween!

Sally was a cowgirl

"Mom, can you do a close up of my freckles?"
 Libby was a Doctor!


and Emma was Mickey, because that's what her sister's were at this age.  The tail, gloves, ears, the whole thing, just hilarious to me

 All the prepping and wondering if Beast Face would put her costume on and cooperate.  She LOVED it!! Rocked it, like she owned the block!
 Craigmile Crew! Complete with a Dino Dad and a VikeQueen Mama
 Our Little Trick-Or-Treaters!
 Mickey Checking out her goods!

The first house they went to, I don't think I'll ever tire of watching this video.

"Did you seriously just put candy in my bucket?"

On my throne, handing out candy while Daddy was with the girls
 Big Sisters were great helpers the little run at the end

 My throne...a high school graduation gift, that we still have!
 A favorite costume that came to the door
 Emma only needed to go to a few houses and then she helped me pass out candy

The girls got to pass out candy for a little bit before heading to bed

and that's a wrap.  Halloween 2016 is in the memory books.

**Today we're 26 weeks!! Holy crap, only 14 weeks until go-time! Mixed in there is Thanksgiving, Libby's Birthday, Christmas, New Year's and possibly Mommy's birthday.  Time is going to fly right on by!  This babe seems lower than my other 3, but maybe that's because the muscles aren't quite as tight as they once use to be ;)  Can't wait to meet you 4.0.  Are you a boy or a girl?  What crazy fun will you add to our crew?  We can't wait to find out!** (don't mind the dirty mirror...a toddler lives here)

Happy All Souls' Day.

Coming up, our big All Saints' Day celebration!

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