Thursday, October 27, 2016

Playing Favorites

Any parent that tells you they don't play favorites, is lying.

To be fair, the favorite changes.  It'll be pretty apparent by the end of this post, who is the favorite for this week :)

Last week Daddy got to head to Wisconsin for the Packer/Bear Game.

The girls sent him Good-Night Pictures

and then she wanted to make sure he got this one too

Mommy discovered Black Beauty on Amazon Prime, the girls were in love

Cute little Fluff-ball.  I don't remember her sister's being so particular on what they would and wouldn't wear at the age of 2.  Emma will wear this hat and only this hat, and this jacket and only this jacket...

Saturday morning Daddy had his Patriarch group.  We hung out in our jammies extra long.  How cute are Emma's donut Jammies she got from her Godparents?

Where's Emma?

 Sally had a fun playdate Saturday morning.  Thanks Anna for having her over!! Daddy and the Littles raked the leaves and Mommy finished up switching out the summer clothes and bringing a load to Goodwill--such a loooooong process! But man it feels good once it's done.
 Gopher Game Day
 just a cheese ball
 Enjoying the new sidewalk

C-Mile Sisters!

Calling her sisters down for dinner

Come on! Complete with the hand wave

We had a fun visit with Grandpa Monday evening, but I failed to take any pics. Thanks for the yummy dinner Gramps!

and then I was woken up at 3am Tuesday morning, with a "Mom, I don't feel so good." Poor Sally had a high fever.  Luckily she takes to Ibuprofen and Tylenol quite well that we had a mostly peaceful day.

Cutest little play by herself thing when I can "spy" on them

I got to sneak away for a quick hair cut on Tuesday night.  I didn't realize it had been almost 6 months since my last cut...whooops! Morning sickness will do that to you, I guess

We made sure to have Dinner prepped for the hand-off to Daddy

Wednesday Libby got to have a Fall Festival at school, cute little pumpkin

Meanwhile Mommy and Baby had a check-up.  Sally got to use the doppler all on her own and find baby's heart rate, she was super proud and excited...135 BPM.  We're already 25 weeks!! That means 15 weeks give or take until C-Mile 4.0 is here.  It's going to come SO quickly, especially with the Holidays! ahhhhhhh

and then we took Sally in for a Strep Test.  Isn't it weird how you hope for a positive so you can be sent home with antibiotics, instead of a "sorry, it's something viral, you'll just have to wait it out."

 30 seconds after this picture Emma emptied all the books from a basket and was sitting in it, while taking off her socks and shoes.  I missed the photo op because the Doc came in.  We've officially become "one of those families that makes a scene where ever we go."  Good or bad.  Can't wait to see the scenes we create with toting along 4 kiddos!

It was positive.  I think this might be the first time Sally's been on amoxicillin, how blessed are we to have been able to make it 7 years before an infection (Other than her UTI at 8 weeks old)???

Slowly but surely we're recovering and praying that it doesn't spread to anyone else.  We have a 4-day weekend coming up to rest up and recover!

Love our neighbors! This note left with 3 delicious cupcakes and fruit snacks!! So thoughtful!

and then Daddy had to show me up with a marble tower too

Happy Halloween Weekend Ya'll! Stay Safe!

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