Thursday, October 20, 2016

Emma's Birthday Weekend

Thank you for all of the wonderful messages for Emma for her birthday.  She had a great day celebrating!!

Note:The previous post has her slideshow on it...I can't upload those to Youtube or Vimeo because of the music and copyright issues, even though all of the music is purchased. I have to just directly upload it to the blog, which I think for some reason doesn't work on some iPads and phones??  Have to go to a regular old computer if you want to watch it :)

We kicked off Emma's birthday weekend celebrating National Dessert Day.  At Cold Stone of course.  I'm becoming more and more aware of how large our family is about to become with 4 kids.  I think it's because Emma's old enough to officially take up a seat at a table.

Saturday morning we headed to pick out our pumpkins

 Vests always make kiddos look way too old!
 sm, m, l and xl pumpkins :)
 Craigmile Crew!
 C-Mile Sisters picked this pose
 Saturday afternoon/evening we decided to let Emma open a few of her presents so we could spread them out and she could enjoy them on the day of her birthday.  A new airplane for Grandma and George

 Hats and a tea set from Nana and Grandpa.  Emma's in charge of the pouring for once

 Starting to understand what opening presents really means.  Love when each kiddo gets a turn at their own spotlight
 New kitchen supplies to help mom cook dinner
 and then Sunday was her actual birthday! Making her feel extra special at breakfast before heading to Mass.
A present before heading to Mass to keep them occupied so Mom and Dad could finish getting ready
 More "magic" markers
 After Mass she got to pick out her birthday balloon, Sparkles!
 Not too sure of the sounds
 I should have taken a video of her shaking her balloon, giggling, singing and dancing to JT's song
 Heading to pick up her cake and get birthday donuts!
 Crushing her birthday donut
 Looking so old!

 Skoot Skoot before lunch
 I couldn't get enough of her cuteness, picture overload

 Lunchtime outside, beautiful day!
 The plan was to put her down a little early for her nap so that she would get to do her favorite thing, SWIM.  The Bigs had swimming lessons and during their lessons it is also open swim.  However, Miss Emma decided to take a MONSTER nap, 3.5 hours!! So she didn't get to go swimming, but luckily we hadn't mentioned it prior so she didn't know what she was missing.

When she got up her sisters were already on their way home from swimming so we did cookie cake!! She chose her own cake.  Will forever remember her joy of blowing out the candle and the sweet supportive sisters.

 Theo stopped over to give her a little gift
 A little outside playtime at the park and with friends before her favorite dinner

 Steak, rice and corn on the cob.  Pretty sure she ate as much or more than I did, girlfriend's got good taste!

 Teaching her to wink and also make a pirate face
 Happy Birthday Sweet Emmer Dew, we love you so!!

2 more months until LJ's birthday and then 2 more months after that until BABY!

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