Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lots of Little Ladies

We had a wonderful few days in Grinnell, Iowa with the Lindberg Family.  Crazy to think we started to become friends when Sally and Lucy were just 3 months old!!

Happy 40th Birthday to Brad {October 13th!}

Another great family, opening their home to us with wonderful generosity, food and hospitality.  We had a great time, Thank you Thank you!

We arrived just in time for welcoming the girls home from school!

A little Dance Party after Dinner!

 Bedtime Bible Stories brought to you by Brad

The next day we headed up to the college track and did some relays.  The first was the girls against Mary

And then the Dads

 LJ coming in hot on the final stretch

Waving to the train going by
 and then they headed to Uncle Bill's Farm and had an awesome time.  It started with a Magic Show.  The magician wanted Libby was a volunteer, but she kindly declined.  Sally and Lucy each got a turn

 and then a little ride
 and a train ride
 and corn pit fun

 Burying Libby
 Making sure to get the corn out of her ear
 Emma was finally brave enough to join.  Sisters are always there to help

 It's tough to walk, almost like quick sand

And then a hayride
 The Bigs and Annie and the Dads braved the corn maze

 While the others did the corn maze we took another hayride.  Caught this precious moment of hand holding
 Time to feed the chickens

 and the goats

 Creating their own ride
 Our 3 little pumpkins and one still growing
 Allllll the little ladies! Such a great weekend! Thank you!
 We woke up, packed up at headed to Mass before hitting our final stretch home.  We made it just in time to run off with the Bigs to their swimming lessons.
 and of course we were gone for a week and left no groceries so we quickly ran to pick up pizza and see the end of the Ryder cup and all of the traffic.
It was a wonderful week away, but it's always good to be home and back in a routine!

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