Sunday, October 9, 2016

Visiting Kansas!

Last week there was a little thing called the Ryder Cup :)  It happened to be 3.5 miles from our house.  School was closed for the entire week in order to keep the kiddos safe and the unknown of how it would effect things like bus schedules and whatnot.  We knew about this no school 3 years in advance (well, not quite since we haven't been at our school that long, but if we had, we would have know :))  We also thought  Reid's commute could be rough so we thought he may work from home, so we thought, why not work from home from Kansas!  Brilliant :)

We woke up Monday all ready to go.  Mama was driving the whole way so Reid could work using his phone as a hot spot.  The girls did fabulous!  It ended up being 7.5hrs start to finish, including a non rushed lunch.  Sally did not sleep.  Libby slept for 15 minutes and Emma slept for 20 minutes.  We could get mad, but really, they aren't sleep deprived whatsoever.  They still traveled very very well with minimal outbursts.

We stayed the week at Thomas, Erin and Savannah's house.  We so appreciate their hospitality and generosity!! Savannah just turned one, so I'm sure it wasn't easy adding our Crazy Craigmile Crew of 5 +1growing to their everyday routine :)  Hopefully we didn't deter them from having more children ;)

We also got to see some other family from Reid's side and I got to visit my cousin who just had her 2nd baby, and a quick catch up with friends that lived in MN for a year.

kkkkkkk, enough chit chat, I have plenty of pictures to do the talking for me...

Sally and Reid are clones...her little fort she made while reading her book in the back.

Our favorite lunch stop, Chick-Fil-A

She eats her apples just like Nana, core and all!
 Cheering on Thomas and Erin at their softball game, Thomas hit a homer, just for us!
 A signature Emma face when she's trying to get away with something...drinking from her sister's water bottle
 After a quick visit with Katie and Maura, we met up with Savannah and Erin at a super cool park.  I LOVED that it had turf, no extra dirty girls!

Mornings are always my favorite!

 So are afternoons when I have a cribbage partner!! Super close game, tied with one point remaining
 Kaylee and Colby hosted us for dinner at their beautiful new home! As well as other family members! Our girls had a great time with Hannah and Madeline!! Thank you ladies, for keeping them occupied!!

 Colby makes the best burgers!!  Thank you!

 Beautiful ladies, inside and out!
 Glued to her mama this night

and then Erin and I snuck away to quickly visit my cousin Whitney and meet her newest addition Charli!  Congratulations, she's perfectly perfect.  So fun to see where you live and how adorable is Kade?!!

She had extra arts and craft goodies that she shared with my girls.  Was a great morning activity the next day.  They have quickly become Emma's (and my!) favorite...that magic, no show, crayola markers.  Thank you!!

Taking Savannah for rides!

 The Twins were in town playing the Royals.  Erin organized for all of us to go to the game.  Madeline, Hannah, Benjamin and Gabriel came over to babysit and we all headed to the game.  It was a great time!

 Lovely little shadows...
 Johnny boy!

3rd row
 The Ladies and a baby
 A little bit changed in the score after this ;)
 Tuesday and Wednesday Reid went in with Thomas to work from Thomas' work.  Thursday and Friday he was off.  We took full advantage and organized to get Mani and Pedis Thursday morning!  A cute little grassy knoll outside the nail place
 The Bigs made the cut for a quick mani
 Sally's selfie skills are strong
 TaDa---Libby got Viking Colors and  Sally got blue and yellow with an S for  Sally
 The dads came to pick up the Bigs and we moved on over to the pedisssssssssssss mmmmmmm it's been a while since I've treated myself to one of those

A neat little art store that has an aquarium in it

An afternoon stroll to their favorite place to go for a walk.  It was super cool!

 Cool stepping stones

 A second go around on the stepping stones so Emma and Savannah could have a turn.  Emma feeling safe with her Godfather!

 Savannah and her Daddy
 and ended at the park, where Sally read a walking story to Libby
The Joergers know how much we love our morning donuts.  They brought us to a fun place that didn't disappoint!
 Emma, loving and trusting her Godmother.  She mastered the name Erin after this week!!
 One last photo shoot before packing up and heading out for Iowa
 Cousins/Twins and their girls
 The whole crew!  You would think this week would have been a whole lot more crazy when you see all the people in one picture, but it really wasn't, at all.
 Erin brought out her nice camera and took a few pictures

 and then she let the girls have a turn, some heads got cut off and some great shots got taken!

 Thank you Savannah for showing us around to your favorite places and letting our girls take over your house!
 They spoiled us!  If you know me, you know it's the little things that mean the world to me.  Like knowing I've never had Sonic before and coming home from work surprising me with one, or paying attention to my girls' favorites for food or drink, or playing kickball in the backyard with a beach ball.  Thank you thank you for a wonderful week of memories we will forever cherish! We can't wait to have you come visit soon! Love you guys!
and then we hit the road and head to Iowa to hang with the Lindbergs for a few days.  Where we were yet again, welcomed with open arms and lots of love!

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  1. I've been looking forward to this week forever and it did not disappoint! We had a blast! After looking at all those pictures it's surprising we even crammed some relaxation into that week.