Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Walks and Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts with no rhyme or reason

1.  With the change of seasons I'm always utterly aware of how old my children are getting.  The traditional pictures and then the flashback of where they were at last year...

2. Sally gets to celebrate her first reconciliation and her first communion this year.  I had a parent meeting last week.  We're so excited to help her learn more about her faith and to strengthen ours along the way.

3.  The 2nd graders get to do a paper on a Saint and then dress like that Saint for All Saint's Day.  We got to pick 2 saints and then the teacher would assign one.  The other day Sally came flying off the bus because she was so excited to tell me she got her #1 choice of being Saint Faustina.  Why can't THIS kind of news be in the news?

4. We're loving Divine Mercy for kids on Youtube as well as Divine Mercy Chaplet in song for peaceful mornings, and afternoons and evenings

5. Some days I glance at Libby and she looks 100 and others I still see her little baby face.  Can't believe she's headed to Kindergarten next year!

6.  And EMMMMMA she is hilarious, and stubborn and hilarious and she turns TWO on Sunday, what the crap.  Come on time, let me catch my breath!!

7.  C-Mile 4.0 has started to do backflips and Cartwheels and the Big Sisters and Dad are quite excited about it.  I'm excited too, mostly excited, but also a little, okay a lot teary-eyed about it, because this is my last cartwheels and backflips between me and my babe :(  Not complaining, remembering to be ever so thankful for this precious gift!!

8. I think that's a wrap for random thoughts, here's some pics

We had some time to kill before picking Libby up for school so we spent some time in the Mary Garden at our Church/School

 Saint Faustina in the house ;)  Jesus, I Trust in You.  Lots of Divine Mercy, as we're also studying it at my Tuesday morning group.  If you need a good book check out Michael Gaitley's The Second Greatest Story Ever Told {the first being the Bible}
 Sisters, caught being sweet while Mama preps dinner for FOUR dinners in a row...we did some meal plan and prep on Sunday and it has been AWESOME!!
 Lately Emma prefers Libby to do specific things and Libby loves it!  Daddy tapped in to that secret in order to get Emma to eat a few more bites of her dinner
 We're getting a front sidewalk!  We have a sidewalk that leads to our front door, but it's from the driveway and our driveway is a bit steep.  Most park on this corner of our house when they come and visit and then have to walk through the grass/mud/snow.  I've wanted it right away and we finally got bids and scheduled it.  I'm excited!  It's the little things

Walks before naps, because our days are limited.  Libby wanted this walk to be one where she gets to pick where we stop and she takes a picture.  Wish you could see Emma's smile
 Mom, how about a selfie?
 We HAVE to get one of you in front of your favorite tree.  Baby belly and all!
 Hoping to pour the cement tomorrow!
 I organized for 2 of Sally's friends and their Dads to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children.  Our church signs up for a spot a month and they were short this month.  They had a great time!
 Thankful and Grateful for these friendships!
 Testing out the food
 Special moments
 Edward Scissors hands during our walk
 She looks like she's 4!!!!  Slowly but surely piece by piece came off during the walk, even socks and shoes.  Winter should be fun...

 When the Target Check Out guy tells you to put the sticker on your nose...

Mornings are my favorite...

Happy Weekend Ya'll!  Hopefully I can get organized enough to get Emma's 2 year picture slideshow together...wish me luck!

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