Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fun week with Friends

We had a fun week last week helping out some friends.  All the while Daddy had a quick work trip in Cali.

Sally rocking her kicks at swimming

Libby has improved a crazy amount!  This last weekend she swam from the wall to the platform on her own with her face under!!

Emma was excited to be back home and at her park

 She missed her Baby Em.  Luckily we got to take care of her last Tuesday morning

 Daddy's view in Cali
 Sally got in as many snuggles and she could before having to catch the bus.  You can clearly see the C-Mile sisters are not excited AT ALL about adding another sib...
 She's a pro
 Libby got to feed her a bottle before we headed to Tuesday morning group and I confused everyone by walking in with a baby.  No worries, we still have 17 weeks, give or take

 Emma wanted to help too
 Baby Hog!
 Then Wednesday Aubrey got to come and hang with us.  We had no fun at all :)

Thursday Pearl got to hang with us, I did't get any pictures because she pretty much napped the whole time!

Matching sisters!
 Dr. Libby, ready for your check-up

Some days it's hot and some days it's cold.  We love warming up by the fireplace!
 Playing some tunes
 Gopher Girls reading some stories
A quick video of the sister rooms...Emma's in the back shouting color, because clearly the sisters need more signs to hang on the wall....

Playing Dinosaurs with Daddy
The Martinson Ladies came to hang out on Saturday so Mr. Martinson could start on the floor in their kitchen.  And then we all had dinner and hung out.  It was a lovely day!! So excited for many more!  The Bigs enjoying a treat of a show so the parents could enjoy their steak!
 Sunday Funday! Loving the sunshine

So glad I was finally able to capture Godzilla on tape...

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