Thursday, August 29, 2013


We enjoyed our lazy day yesterday!  I did pretty much most of what I predicted, as well as a trip to Forever Yogurt to beat the heat!!

They've got somethin' special these two

Big Sister making sure Little Sister knows how to lick the batter...

Baking Cookies

Beatin' the heat!

Kari sent me this little gem from the other night.  Isn't Haddie the cutest?!

We made our way up to Alexandria all ready.  It's the annual Family Help weekend at Reid's Grandma's Farm!  We are excited to help out and catch up with all of the family!

First, Daddy and Grandpa have to hit up the first home Gopher Game of the year!  Go Gophers...RAH!

A little video of Libby from the other day.  She's gotten very good at her manners.

Happy Friday! Happy Last Week of August!! Happy Labor Day Weekend! Happy end of summer! Happy Everything!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It's a HOT one this week! We've had a few play dates to keep us busy.  However, today we have not one thing on our schedule, and it's kind of nice.  Maybe we will play dress up, maybe we'll make cookies, maybe we'll stay in our jammers all day long!

We got to see the Starkey Family's new house.  My goodness is it beautiful, congratulations you guys!! We can't wait to come play again soon!

The kids went outside for about 5 minutes, but realized it really was too hot. The boys showing the girls their "bat cave."

Enjoying some freshly picked apples.  Love the second borns, always doing their own thing ;)

Yesterday we went to story time at the Plymouth Library with Delores and Grady and the Starkey boys.  It was a fun change up!

Libby started the trend of lying on their tummy...making themselves at home and picking their spot over the vent to stay extra cool!

Kari and Haddie stopped over for a visit last night.  Their Daddy was on a work trip and our Daddy was at his last class for his summer session!!

Can't wait to see these ladies more in a few weeks when Kari drops down to working two days a week!

This was the best picture I could snap.

Way to go Daddy on doing a great job completing another class! We're getting closer and closer, we can do!! 6 semesters down, 4 to go. There IS light at the end of the tunnel, I think. 

Poor guy gets only a 7 day break.  His Wednesday & Thursday classes for Fall semester start next week!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wedding Season 2013--Check!

We have completed our 7/7 weddings this 2013! It was a lot of fun!

Here are a few pictures from #meettheblacks wedding.  {I apologize for how many wedding picture posts if you follow my instagram. Instead of a photo booth Whitney and Steven had someone hired to print out instagram photos if you hash tagged meettheblacks!}

Moran Family
My hot date for 6 out of the 7 weddings

Tequila Shots before our cousin picture

Moran Fam Selfie

Are you my brother? What's up with my snaggle tooth? 

Brothers, photo bombed by Jenny

We missed Emily, but luckily Friday night, she and Joey came over for dinner and froyo!

The girls' new favorite thing to play is 'sleep.' They get blankets and pillows and snuggle up.  They played it with Daddy Saturday morning

Daddy took the girls for a quick Target run.  Of course they were perfectly behaved and didn't ask for a thing

Libby was trying on Mommy's shoes before we left for the wedding

Everyday at 7:15am...

Daddy's sendoff
Happy Monday, Happy Heat Wave, Happy back to workshop week for the teachers!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thankul it happened

Today was the last day of the pool for us.  We're trying to teach the girls to be thankful it happened rather than sad that it's over.

They did very well with it today!  These past two mornings have been absolutely perfect weather and the girls have behaved wonderfully!

I'm so impressed to think of the girls' progress from our first day in June until today.  Sally grew and learned so so much! Libby progressed as well with her love of water, but nothing can beat her love of the water slides!

We already know we'll be back again next summer!  Moving on to the next chapter, back to school, new routine, new a few more weeks yet.

So happy Delores and Grady joined us as well! Libby doesn't like the photo bomb, I guess

They got to pick out a special dessert for our last day

Different suits, pictures from yesterday:

Summer 2013 has been pretty awesome!!

Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend!! Happy Wedding Weekend for the Moran's and Black's!! Happy Everything!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Happy Birthday to Grandma Peggy today!!

After I became a Mama, my Mom's birthday took on a whole new level of appreciation.  After experiencing first hand the sacrifices of being a parent, it makes me appreciate my own parents that much more!
Thank you for being the best role model on how to be a great mom! I know I'm stealing Reid's thunder here, but I hope I can look as good as you do at 57!! Love you Mom, hope you enjoy your day! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend!
God painted a special painting for you this am, compliments of Reid

It was a rough day at the pool today, but someone's got to take care of the kids ;)

For the first time all summer, I decided to hang out on the chair for a little bit and let the girls enjoy their time.  Libby kept me cool and Sally is out swimming without water wings on.  We only have tomorrow left, as our pool closes on Sunday.  We will definitely be joining again next summer, will be fun to see how much the girls change in one year!

We got together with the Lindberg ladies yesterday.  It was so good to catch up and have them back in their old 'hood! We miss them!!  Thank you for making the drive!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lovin' Life

I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Some days are hard.  Really hard.  And some days are hard with a lot of wonderfulness mixed in!

I always evaluate where I'm at this time of year.  If I was still working I would be setting up my classroom and getting ready to go back to work full time...outside of the home yada yada yada, that doesn't bother me.

I always re-evaluate if I'm doing what I'm supposed to, and what makes me happy and what works for our family to be happy.  Yes!! Yes, I'm right where I'm supposed to be and I love it!

We had a fun play date the other day!!

It was the first day of our heat wave, but the morning was still a little chilly.  That didn't stop my fish from being in the water!

Super moms!

See that one in the front with the walker thing? I hope to be her some day. She wins mom of the year, she snapped her Achilles tended!! I don't hope to get hurt, but I hope to rock at being a mom, like she does! I mean she brought 3!! kids to a play date with a splash pad and a huge park and she can't walk!!
Lunch time!
 It's been a while since we've taken our pool out, but these cute kiddos sure loved cooling off!

Waiting for Daddy to pull up!
 He's home alright! My goodness the extra volume in our home when daddy is home.  The kitchen, always the kitchen, they have to be right where Mom needs to be, always.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I bow out and go water the flowers :)

Big girl loves to climb in her chair and clip the buckles!!

Proud little munchkin
I'm right where I'm supposed to be, yes indeed!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Video Update

This was on an afternoon when Sally was still at Nana and Grandpa's house. Love how she doesn't give up.  Also how she uses her smarts to put the balls in the back of the bike so they stop rolling away from her!  I'm so mean, just giggling behind the camera

Libby's first Merry Go Round Ride

Sally learned how to swim all by herself this weekend!! Love my little fish!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Weekend!

We had a pretty awesome weekend!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking and explain what I can :)

We finished off our anniversary celebrations at Five Guys...five year, get it? :)

Sally the photographer
She wanted to be sure to include Libby!

And a quick selfie of the photographer

Full heart
 ummmm so we've never been down by centennial lakes.  I always knew it was a neat spot, but I never knew exactly where it was.  We'll be coming back here for a date night for sure!

The Craigmile Crew on the Swing

Kiss Kiss on our way in to Yogurt Lab!

Sally adding the sprinkles to her creation
 It's tradition to put my wedding dress on, drink champagne and watch our wedding DVD.  Sally got to put her flower girl dress on from Carrie & Tyler's wedding and sip on some 7up!

So ummm, we've also never been to the Minneapolis Famer's Market! We picked up some goodies from there!!
My girls!
 We spent the day at the pool with the Christensen Family!
Munchkins enjoying their after dinner dessert!
 We went to Mass yesterday morning and got to bring down the Gifts.  Sally took it very seriously and did a wonderful job.  Deacon told us it made his week, watching how proud Sally was to be bringing down the gifts!  We also had a great time at our parish picnic, but didn't get any pictures.  I know, right? :)

After naps we headed over to the Christensen's for some smoked ribs and good times!!

A great ending to a great weekend!
Welcome little Dexter Schoenberg to the world!! And Happy Belated Birthday to THE Kyle Gearman :)

We're off to the Splash Pad to meet up with some friends! Happy Heat Wake Week! Yippy!