Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Weekend!

We had a pretty awesome weekend!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking and explain what I can :)

We finished off our anniversary celebrations at Five Guys...five year, get it? :)

Sally the photographer
She wanted to be sure to include Libby!

And a quick selfie of the photographer

Full heart
 ummmm so we've never been down by centennial lakes.  I always knew it was a neat spot, but I never knew exactly where it was.  We'll be coming back here for a date night for sure!

The Craigmile Crew on the Swing

Kiss Kiss on our way in to Yogurt Lab!

Sally adding the sprinkles to her creation
 It's tradition to put my wedding dress on, drink champagne and watch our wedding DVD.  Sally got to put her flower girl dress on from Carrie & Tyler's wedding and sip on some 7up!

So ummm, we've also never been to the Minneapolis Famer's Market! We picked up some goodies from there!!
My girls!
 We spent the day at the pool with the Christensen Family!
Munchkins enjoying their after dinner dessert!
 We went to Mass yesterday morning and got to bring down the Gifts.  Sally took it very seriously and did a wonderful job.  Deacon told us it made his week, watching how proud Sally was to be bringing down the gifts!  We also had a great time at our parish picnic, but didn't get any pictures.  I know, right? :)

After naps we headed over to the Christensen's for some smoked ribs and good times!!

A great ending to a great weekend!
Welcome little Dexter Schoenberg to the world!! And Happy Belated Birthday to THE Kyle Gearman :)

We're off to the Splash Pad to meet up with some friends! Happy Heat Wake Week! Yippy!

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