Monday, August 12, 2013

Saturday Mornings

I love our Saturday mornings.  We often get donuts and coffee and head out for a walk to the park.  The girls are usually rocking their jammies. This last Saturday we went to the Sunshine Park :)

Reid hash tagged one of his pictures "parkaholics" and I think that is pretty accurate!

Daddy has a big final on Tuesday so we studied while we played outside and mommy got ready for Mark and Wendy's wedding.

Sally's improving on her letter writing.  I told her how to spell rainbow and she wrote the letters!

Littlest Munchkin is so very good at playing by herself. I snuck this photo of her from around the corner.  She's so sweet!

Sally is off to hang with Nana & Gpa for a few days! It is just me and youngest! A  nice little break for this Mama!

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