Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Awwwwwwww deep breath.

Daddy's home!

Shhhhh waiting to surprise Daddy

Check out Libby's speed
I got to sneak out right before the girls got up, for a quick run.  Yes, mornings are my favorite, but so are morning runs.  Especially when you don't have to rush back to start the day, because Daddy has some of the day off!
He took the girls to get donuts


and some milk
I got to run my grocery errands solo! A much needed break!
Daddy took the girls to the park so I could unpack the groceries and get lunch made.
Libby loves to fly high! Sally's learning how to get on the big girl swing by herself, and pump!

After successful naps and study time we made a quick trip to Yogurt Lab, before Daddy headed to class

My girls.  Getting ready to build a fort

Quick little storm and a rainbow!
***The other day we tested out Wild Rumpus' story time.  Yikes! it was crazy busy.  We may try again after school is back in session in hopes that it won't be as busy! Although, the girls behaved very well! Sally is old enough that I let her wander around and check in with me every so often.  There was so much for Libby to look at that she was fine just holding my hand and hanging out. I was very impressed!

My girl, who loves to learn, front and center!
Happy Hump Day!
Happy 9!!! year anniversary to my sister and Brian! Wowzers, crazy it has already been 9 years! Love you guys! xxo

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