Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep on keepin' on

We're staying plenty busy here at the Craigmile Crew!

Tuesday morning we headed out and ran a bunch of Errands. #2 and #3 continue to be rockstars ;) #1 continues to love school and can't get enough of learning, and snuggling with her baby sister when she gets home :)

Mom of the year...

Don't mind Libby's eyes, she was mid blink :)  Stocking up since it has been a while since Mama had a few sips! Beer is for Uncle Joey's winnings!

Mommy headed to her Pastoral Council Meeting last night and Daddy held down the fort with his 3 girlies.  One was already snoozing before I left.

Emma has been sleeping in her own room, which is always a little sad, but much needed so everyone gets some good Zzz's :)  and tomorrow she'll be leaving for college, right?!

Thank you Grandma and George for the Fun Mail!

This morning Libby got caught up on her shots and Emma had a weight check.  Two weeks old tomorrow which means she should be back to her birth weight, girl friend is pretty close, 9 lbs 8.3 oz :)

We got to celebrate Halloween at Libby's dance class by coming dressed up.  The girls went as Gopher Cheerleaders!

Seriously, how adorable is she?!

She's a little cutie too!

Happy Hump Day!

Go Gophers and Royals!

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Header

October 2010

October 2011

October 2012

October 2013

Life with 3

When there are 2 other kiddos to care for, there really isn't a pause button to sit and stare at your newborn and catch up on sleep.  We still have to continue on caring for the other 2 and keeping life as consistent for them as possible.

It's been a smoother transition than I anticipated.  I may be singing a different tune at the end of my solo 14 hour day or the end of the week, but so far, so good :)

Here's a handful of pictures from a few days before Emma arrived and then a few from last week and from the weekend

This was my due date, I did a few bunny hops at Libby's gymnastics, maybe that got things moving?

Someone also recommended a Vanilla Shake from McDonald's to help get things started, so we stopped by on the way home.  Maybe that helped too?

The super sisters also walked up to the park, maybe that helped get things moving?

Daddy took L to the purple park while he was home last week

And he got to help Libby at Gymnastics, while Mommy and Emma cheered :)

Thank you to the Christensen Family for the Big Sister gift from Citrus Lane!

Pp day at school, pajamas and pigtails!

Daddy and Libby got to go have lunch with Sally!

Beautiful Fall days, Emma got to enjoy them too!

October 2014, the prettiest MN Fall there ever was!

Sally's first phone call to a friend.  She came off the bus with a friend's number and said, "Mom, she said I could come over and play after 3:45, but it has to be before her Volleyball game."  She realized she needs to check with Mom first before making plans, but it was fun to hear her first phone call to a friend :)

This girl and her smiles! They aren't even gas smiles.  They are legit!! If it's quiet and all of a sudden she hears her Daddy's voice or one of her Big Sisters, she instantly smiles, or when she's all done feeding!

Eyes wide open, well as wide as they can get with those Chubber Cheekers!

Mom, look, I got myself dressed!

Our first day solo and we made it out the door to Target!


Successful first Target Trip!

"Hey guys, take a look, mom just trimmed my nails!"  Have you ever trimmed a newborn's nails?  If so, you're ready to be a brain surgeon too!

You guys, it happened again.  The exploding heart!  You have your first child and your heart beats outside of your chest.  You anticipate your second child and you're told that your love doesn't split it DOUBLES. You have your second child and experience that doubling of love.  You anticipate your third child and can't believe that your love could possibly triple, but indeed it does.  Exploding hearts over here...

Our 3 Brown-Eyed Beauties!

Getting ready to head outside to play in the leaves

My view last night, while nursing Emma

She was so alert during bedtime stories, soaking  up every word.  Sally thought it was hilarious

Daddy and his Daughters, not sure who's luckier, Daddy or the girls

Painting Pumpkins, because again, no time to slow down, just keep on movin' on

Another view while nursing Emma.  Big Sisters making necklaces, which Libby continued to do today for an HOUR, while Emma napped and Mommy finally got to clean the  house!!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Emma's First Week

That Hair

Those Eyes

That Smile

Those Arms

That Snuggle

Those Lips

We love everything about you Sweet Baby Girl, Emma! You are perfect.

"For this Child I prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him."

Third time is the charm, it's kind of like riding a bike.  Daddy has already been left with all 3 girls while Mommy ran a quick errand. Emma had just been fed, Libby was watching Super Why and Daddy was helping Sally with her pumpkin project.  I had Reid take a picture of the scene, did you spot it in the slideshow?

Emma's little sponge bath, yes, Reid knows he has his shirt on inside out, he did it on purpose.  So that when he'd snuggle with his youngest it wouldn't scratch her face :)

Daddy went back to work on Friday, Emma, Libby and I went to Target and it was a SUCCESS, no one cried, whined or was forgotten.

We made it out to our Church's Halloween Party as a family of 5!

We've made it to church twice and on time :)  We were almost late for our first trip last week.  Emma thought, "oh, you guys think you've got this?  3 kids and you're going to make it to church early?  I'll show you!" Clicked her seat in the car, was working on clicking Libby in and Emma spits up all over her seat and clothes (her first spit up too).  Luckily Mommy is freaky fast and we changed her and still made it to church on time.

Thank you thank you for all of the emails, phone calls, comments, text, visits, gifts, food and love! We so appreciate all of our friends and family!

3 kids

3 girls

3 daughters

3 sisters, it's still sinking in!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emma Jean 10-16-14

It's a GIRL!!

A healthy baby girl! Emma Jean was born on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5:15am.  She was 9lb 9oz {I know, I can't believe she wasn't over 10lbs either!}, 21 1/4 inches long, and her head was 14.5 inches.

The short birth story.

She knew exactly when Mama was ready for her to come.  All along I said she should wait until Reid finished class and Sally would be on break for MEA.

I felt my first contraction at 8pm, but wasn't 100% sure.  I didn't say anything to Reid because I didn't want to jinx it.  11am I told Reid, but told him to try and get some sleep.  1am we started timing contraction.  I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, because once I get to the hospital it's harder to focus because you have to get checked in they do blood work...and I knew I had to get an IV because I was strep B positive (dumb!).

We checked in at 4:13am and Miss Emma made her grand debut at 5:15am!  Mama did it drug free again, but did use a TENS unit to help with the back labor (google it).  Phew!

For those that are interested I'll do my best to give a more detailed birth story in a few days, but we've been busy snuggling :)

Emma really is as perfect as she looks.  Reid and I haven't had a chance to know what it's like to have a calm cool and collected newborn.  Third time is looking to be the charm.

Oh, and as far as Reid goes? He could not be more ecstatic to welcome another daughter into our family.  Neither one of us has ever cared about what gender God chooses to bless us with, all we ever pray for is a healthy new baby to love and raise.  We are richly blessed!  Three sisters?? Come on, how awesome is that!!!

Easy to see he's overjoyed! 

A wise dad {Brad, I'm talking about you :)} of 3 daughters says "Why does everyone say poor dad when they have all daughters?  Daughters LOVE their Dads.  It's poor Mom, that's who the daughters tend to butt heads with as they grow older."

First bath, Daddy's tradition with each of his daughters

And now for some pictures from the hospital.  Just a few and I only included pictures of the Grandparents as we had other visitors too (you know who you are, THANK YOU for visiting and bringing gifts and food and snuggles and love!).

Miss Libby was right, she guessed it was a Sister.  Sally was so excited for her that she was right.  They didn't get to find out the gender, per their request, until they came to the hospital.  It was so much fun!

So proud and excited, and this hasn't changed, even a week in!

Craigmile Crew, party of 5

Three, THREE! beautiful healthy girls, so very grateful!

Grandma's 7th! Grandchild.  Thank you Grandma for being with the Big Girls during our hospital stay, we appreciate you! Come back for some more snuggles soon!

  Sally was in absolute heaven when she got to hold Emma by herself.  "Ooooooooh, Oh my goodness, this is just so, so wonderful, I just love this."  She wanted Emma to come home right away.  Once she realized then when it was time for Emma to come home, she'd be home forever she was so excited, and told everyone she saw on the way out.  "I have a new sister Emma and once she gets to come home, she'll be home FOREVER!"

Libby has been fantastic.  She hasn't really been phased by the new adjustment.  It's as if Emma's always been here.  Libby still goes about her day, but will stop and give random hugs and kisses or share her baby doll with Emma.  She does request to hold Emma each morning while she watches her one cartoon.

Nana and her 5th grandchild

Grandpa and another little princess.  I think he was the most excited of all for this baby to arrive :)

Wow is he a good dad!

He has been so wonderful helping with anything and everything.  He really stepped it up! He heads back to work on Friday.  We jump right in, sink or swim, he has class already Monday night. So I'm solo from 7am until 9:30pm come Monday.  BUT he only has 7, SEVEN!! Mondays left and then he is done F-O-R-E-V-E-R!! We can do it!!

We've been making a good team!  Excited for this new phase in our family.

Emma's going home outfit--"Hooray, my sister's are coming to bring me home!" ps They basically kick you out of the hospital now.  Emma was born at 5:15am on Thursday and we could be discharged as early at 11am on Friday! We asked to push it until 3pm on Friday.  It was nice to only have to sleep one night at the hospital, as we get better sleep at home, but I still thought the discharge was fast!

Big Sister gifts, Frozen Necklaces.  Thank you dollar spot ;)

Heading home to start the journey as a family of FIVE!!

The girls had pictures taped above Emma's crib when we got home and Sally included a note:

"Dear Baby Emma. The Big Sisters Sally and Libby we can't wait for you to come home. The Craigmiles we are. Jesus Loves you."

Congratulations to Uncle Joey on winning the Baby Poll!  Text us your favorite Fall Beer and Miss Emma will hook you up!

Happy Hump Day! Happy Birthday Amy! Happy Happy Everything!