Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Patiently Waiting

We're coming down the home stretch, 39 weeks today!!

I have everything completed on my "nesting" to-do list, so each of these days is a bonus day! I'm trying to put myself first.  Not knowing when we'll go in to labor I'm trying to make sure I'm always well rested with at least a 20 minute "cat nap" during the day and regular bedtime.

I even got to sneak in a catch up visit with this beautiful Mama! We could talk and talk for hours and we're pretty excited to start seeing each other on a regular basis again.

Total cliche preggo mamas, dessert at FroYo!  We're just 11 weeks apart!

I am most patient for this baby to arrive as compared to my pregnancies with Sally and Libby.  Ultimately I know it will come when it's ready and I know what lies ahead after he/she arrives :)  We're very excited either way, just not crazy anxious or antsy :)

This little cutie did a great job at her school Marathon, biking 3 miles to raise money. Thank you Grandparents for the donations!!

It was a pretty fun event and fun to meet more families and more of Sally's friends!

Halfway point with donuts and hot chocolate!

Enjoying our time with the Pickar family!

Sally was excited to be able to show us what she does at recess, Little Monkey

My Grandma turned 90 on Monday!! I was able to sneak in a visit on Saturday when my mom and George were there.  Proof that you're never too old to make a wish and blow out your birthday candles and the love of a good selfie!  She thought it was hilarious to be able to see herself in the phone as we took the picture.  Belly laugh and all, a memory I'll always cherish :)

Daddy has been doing such a wonderful job of working ahead on his school work (after tonight we're in the SINGLE!!! digits, 9 class sessions remain!!), spending quality time with the girls and crushing tasks left and right!

They were making up words before bedtime, thinking they're so funny

Love the crossed leg

Full on belly laughs

Saturday was a busy day with this and that and we made a point to go to 5pm Mass so we could hang low on Sunday.  The girls' outfits are proof of that :)

A little dancing before nap time
 Shake it off, shake it off...

My super cute errand runner on Monday!

Taking a moment to enjoy a peaceful lunch and music before craziness starts to happen around here :)

We enjoyed a wonderful morning with getting to see Sally at the school Mass and then a fun gymnastics class.  Love all the moms in that class and how encouraging and complimentary they are, giving me extra credit for being at gymnastics with Libby and looking cute while doing it, all the while being 39 weeks pregnant.  We'll see who attends gymnastics next week, still a pregnant mama? Grandma or Daddy? :)

Happy Hump Day!

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