Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Still Cookin'

still "cooperating" for the most part.  Today is Squirt's due date.  However, I've always felt he/she would come a few days late.  Here are a few reasons why:

*Daddy had his last EVER Tuesday class last night
*Daddy has his last EVER Wednesday class tonight
*Today is Sally's last day of school for the week, it's MEA, which means Grandma would come and have no specific schedule to follow.  No uniform, bus drop off or pick up, no packing lunches.  Much easier "take over"
*When I was pregnant with the girls at their ultrasounds they would always measure a few days ahead, Squirt has always measured a few days behind
*We didn't get a positive on the pregnancy test as early as we did with Libby

So, still pretty patient, other than answering to the random people "WHAT?! Still NO baby?!"...

We've been enjoying the beautiful Fall days and "walkin' it out"

 Lots and lots of belly laughs!

Saturday, the boys went to the Gopher game to see the WIN again Northwestern and Nana hung with the girls so Mommy could go pamper herself with Tiffany--a mani and a pedi!!

Mmmm I could get used to this...

Then we headed to 5 o'clock Mass...will it be the last as a family of 4??

And out for Noodles for Dinner!

Libby's selfie

Sally wanted to take a picture too. "Mom, can you sit up a little bit so I can see Squirt?"  --you know it's nearing the end of pregnancy, face is getting swollen...

Libby's turn to take a picture

Sunday called for a relaxing day and donuts!

Two girls and a...

Libby and I ran some errands yesterday.  Fresh pineapple, it's worth a shot :)

Snack in the sun and waiting for Sally to come on the bus

More walkin' it out :)

Almost time for Libby's gymnastics class and to answer, "Yes, I'm here, still pregnant, no baby yet..."

Happy Due Date Day, Happy Hump Day, Happy last EVER Wednesday class!

You know Squirt, the 16th is a pretty cool date in the Craigmile Family.  Mommy and Daddy's anniversary date, Libby's birth date, Sally's due date, Marc and Regan's Anniversary Date and Cannon's birth date.

"Come baby, come baby, baby, come, come..."

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  1. Hi Jackie, I was thinking about you today and decided to check your question baby yet. The 18th is a great day too...Julia's Birthday and Aunt Kathy's Birthday :) Good luck with everything! Looking forward to hearing your "Good News".