Monday, October 27, 2014

Life with 3

When there are 2 other kiddos to care for, there really isn't a pause button to sit and stare at your newborn and catch up on sleep.  We still have to continue on caring for the other 2 and keeping life as consistent for them as possible.

It's been a smoother transition than I anticipated.  I may be singing a different tune at the end of my solo 14 hour day or the end of the week, but so far, so good :)

Here's a handful of pictures from a few days before Emma arrived and then a few from last week and from the weekend

This was my due date, I did a few bunny hops at Libby's gymnastics, maybe that got things moving?

Someone also recommended a Vanilla Shake from McDonald's to help get things started, so we stopped by on the way home.  Maybe that helped too?

The super sisters also walked up to the park, maybe that helped get things moving?

Daddy took L to the purple park while he was home last week

And he got to help Libby at Gymnastics, while Mommy and Emma cheered :)

Thank you to the Christensen Family for the Big Sister gift from Citrus Lane!

Pp day at school, pajamas and pigtails!

Daddy and Libby got to go have lunch with Sally!

Beautiful Fall days, Emma got to enjoy them too!

October 2014, the prettiest MN Fall there ever was!

Sally's first phone call to a friend.  She came off the bus with a friend's number and said, "Mom, she said I could come over and play after 3:45, but it has to be before her Volleyball game."  She realized she needs to check with Mom first before making plans, but it was fun to hear her first phone call to a friend :)

This girl and her smiles! They aren't even gas smiles.  They are legit!! If it's quiet and all of a sudden she hears her Daddy's voice or one of her Big Sisters, she instantly smiles, or when she's all done feeding!

Eyes wide open, well as wide as they can get with those Chubber Cheekers!

Mom, look, I got myself dressed!

Our first day solo and we made it out the door to Target!


Successful first Target Trip!

"Hey guys, take a look, mom just trimmed my nails!"  Have you ever trimmed a newborn's nails?  If so, you're ready to be a brain surgeon too!

You guys, it happened again.  The exploding heart!  You have your first child and your heart beats outside of your chest.  You anticipate your second child and you're told that your love doesn't split it DOUBLES. You have your second child and experience that doubling of love.  You anticipate your third child and can't believe that your love could possibly triple, but indeed it does.  Exploding hearts over here...

Our 3 Brown-Eyed Beauties!

Getting ready to head outside to play in the leaves

My view last night, while nursing Emma

She was so alert during bedtime stories, soaking  up every word.  Sally thought it was hilarious

Daddy and his Daughters, not sure who's luckier, Daddy or the girls

Painting Pumpkins, because again, no time to slow down, just keep on movin' on

Another view while nursing Emma.  Big Sisters making necklaces, which Libby continued to do today for an HOUR, while Emma napped and Mommy finally got to clean the  house!!

Happy Monday Ya'll!

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