Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keep on keepin' on

We're staying plenty busy here at the Craigmile Crew!

Tuesday morning we headed out and ran a bunch of Errands. #2 and #3 continue to be rockstars ;) #1 continues to love school and can't get enough of learning, and snuggling with her baby sister when she gets home :)

Mom of the year...

Don't mind Libby's eyes, she was mid blink :)  Stocking up since it has been a while since Mama had a few sips! Beer is for Uncle Joey's winnings!

Mommy headed to her Pastoral Council Meeting last night and Daddy held down the fort with his 3 girlies.  One was already snoozing before I left.

Emma has been sleeping in her own room, which is always a little sad, but much needed so everyone gets some good Zzz's :)  and tomorrow she'll be leaving for college, right?!

Thank you Grandma and George for the Fun Mail!

This morning Libby got caught up on her shots and Emma had a weight check.  Two weeks old tomorrow which means she should be back to her birth weight, girl friend is pretty close, 9 lbs 8.3 oz :)

We got to celebrate Halloween at Libby's dance class by coming dressed up.  The girls went as Gopher Cheerleaders!

Seriously, how adorable is she?!

She's a little cutie too!

Happy Hump Day!

Go Gophers and Royals!

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