Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a Sheriff Sally, Ariel-with a tail and Emma Bee {think Black Eyed Peas' "Imma Be"...Reid sings it using Emma's name all day every day}.

Some of these pictures were from the Halloween Party at church, on an evening when it was much warmer than the actual evening of Halloween


Picking her prize

We opted for the "easier" route this year and just painted our pumpkins, Mama didn't have the energy to clean up the mess of carving pumpkins

Mommy and Daddy helped Emma with hers

So fresh and so clean clean before heading to the Kindergarten Halloween Party!

Libby loved being able to be a part of it...she could fit right in with the Kindergartners

 She's ready for school...I'm not quite ready to let her go...

Little Miss Emma slept the whole time

Our Sweet Little Emma Bee

Only in MN can Ariel rock a physique like this ;)
 Little NutBrown Hare, pumpkin was added, a school project Daddy helped Sally with


Cheers to Mama's first drink!

Joey and Emily came over to help pass out candy and get in a few Emma snuggles!

Another successful Halloween in the books!


Last week Emma got to meet some of her friends, she might be the youngest, but she sure isn't the smallest :)

Emma 2 weeks, Sam 2 weeks and 4 days, Nyah 11 weeks
 I think this "outtake" is kind of funny, the girls picking on the one and only boy

Continue to be so appreciative for all of the generous gifts and dinners!
Two Thumbs Up!
You guys, I've been missing out! This whole newborn stage, ummmmm I now understand why people love it!! My first two newborn stages were, "can we please skip to 3 or 4 months old when they have things a little more figured out and are on a schedule?"

Sweet Emma brings a whole new newborn stage to the Craigmile Crew!! I used to laugh/cry {not really cry} when I would see pictures of people with their newborns, just peacefully lying on their chest snuggling.  "Yeah, right, like mine would ever do that."

3rd time's the charm, mine does that! :)  If I could guarantee more Emma newborns I'd have 10 more kids ;)

Big Sister chose snuggles over indulging in her Saturday morning doughnut!

Love this photo, it almost looks like Emma has her arms around her Big Sisters

Lots of love for the little sister

We got out and about for a bunch of little errands, Daddy snapped this pic of Libby trying on a silly vest at one of the stores

Daddy likes her when her hair looks all spikey

Remember the Book-it from Pizza Hut?  Sally's class has a similar thing for Culver's. Our Super Reader earned herself a custard treat! Swirl with Peaches is what she chose, interesting combination!
We got her report card last week, Big Sister is doing VERY well at school. She has two very proud parents!! Love her so much!

Happy November!! Happy New Week Ya'll!

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