Sunday, November 30, 2014

Emma's Baptism

We opted for a Saturday 5 O'Clock Mass Baptism, in order to have the whole day to get us all ready and out the door as well as a nice little dinner out.

It was a wonderful celebration with Grandparents, Godparents and Great Grandma!

It was also great to have the whole weekend with Emma's Godparents, Thomas & Erin! We so appreciate you guys coming up from Kansas!!

Calm as can be to get her original sin wiped away :)

She did great, she was wide eyed the whole time, not a cry or a tear :)

Nana sent pictures from Daddy's Baptism

Emma, already looking up to her GodMother

 Generation picture

Very special to have Great Grandma Gen there!
 Quick Smooch

We continued the celebration at Granite City.  The food and company was great, but the service was a little slow.  We were so impressed with the Big Sisters' behavior  :)

We also appreciated all of Thomas' help with little projects around the house!

It was a wonderful weekend!

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