Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello There!

We're still here, just not taking the time to blog as much...

These are the catch up photos, I hope to post the one month, baptism and professional photos soon!

Tummy time with Big Sisters

Beautiful morning to take a drive around Lake Minnetonka to our bestie's house.  Hard to tell all the way, but there is steam coming off of the lake
 Haddie and her love for Emma Baby :) She's going to be such a great big sister in a few short weeks!!
 Kari, already able to handle 3 kiddos ;)

 Lunch Date

Grandpa got to sneak in a visit before the gopher game
 The boys were at the gopher game, so we had a girlie day!
 What a season the Gophers are having!!

Soon this will all be a distant memory...2, two, TWO!!! classes left after tonight.  Yesterday, he submitted his LAST individual paper

The Lindbergs were in town and we got to meet up with them for a little bit.  6 girls!! Maggie, can't wait to become besties with Emma :)

Thank you for taking the time to see us!

Friends since 3 months old, Sally & Lucy

My girls!

Craigmile Crew, Party of 5

More visitors to meet Emma, the girls also got their hair french braided :)


Peaceful afternoon thanks to the Selby Family and their thoughtful gifts!
 I was officially inducted into the "I have 3 kids."  Long story short, last week Reid was at class. It was bedtime for the big girls. Libby got in trouble and she cried so hard she made herself throw up all over her bed.  Emma was also due to eat, so was screaming while I cleaned up the mess and got Libby in to the shower.  All the while sweet Sally dare not move, less it stress her Mama out more, so she carefully sang prayers to Emma to help calm her down.  Daddy treated Mommy to a caribou the next morning.  Ooofta--we survived!

Morning Prayers

Starting to see a little farther

Slowly but surely we'll finish up decorating Emma's room, scrapbook paper, wooden letter and Mod Podge.
 Emma likes the swing and Libby likes to practice her gymnastics

Having a little dance party while I rock and feed's also peak for Daddy at work, so he gets home a little later than usual

Dancing break to give little sister kisses
 Last week Libby and I tried out a new Tot Time, it was nice and relaxing and fun to spend some time with Libby--Emma slept the whole time

 The Gorilla blocks were her favorite, why do they have to be so expensive?!

Snug as a bug!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!! Soooooooooo much to be Thankful for!!

Have a wonderful day!

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