Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busy Busy

Life is great, but we've been busy busy with class, visitors, meetings, visitors, deer hunting and more visitors :)

I'll narrate through the pictures

We had Sally's conference, she continues to do well in school, is a great listener and pretty calm cool and relaxed.  Always good to hear :) She and we, really are having a great year! This was hanging up outside her classroom.

My favorite fall food is "trke" I'm thankful for "paris" {parents} and "techr" {great job on the ch!! teacher} But most of all I'm thankful for "God"

Daddy went Deer Hunting last weekend.  As he was packing up, Sally asked to see his gun

Thomas got to come and meet his Goddaughter!! We can't wait for Erin to come too, in a few days!!

The catch to Daddy going deer hunting was that the Big Girls got to go stay with Nana so Mommy could be home with just Emma.  We had set this up waaaaay before Emma was born.  It was a nice little break, but I always over schedule and never get everything done I want to. Oh Well.

Baby Girl's sweet post bath hair...a little curl perhaps?

Everyone wears bows with their jammies, don't they?

Appreciating the fact I didn't have to make dinner for anyone, but myself.  I decided to go Olivia Pope style, popcorn and a glass of wine, a little baby snuggles on the side.  Are you watching Scandal? You should be!!

The girls had a wonderful time with Nana, Hannah and Melissa----THANK YOU!!!!

Sally turned 5 1/2, I snuck in a little note and treat in her bag.

 Great Grandma Gen gave Sally a pair of her old clip on earrings...she puts them on whenever she can!

Deer Hunters are back.  Daddy didn't get a deer this year, but his group got 5.  He had a wonderful time with Family!

My good friend Kallie wanted to borrow Emma and practice some newborn photos...this was a quick sneak peak....LOVE!!

Daddy's morning view from his stand

Sally was excited about the arrival of the snow on Monday...oofta, can we make it through another winter?

Libby's Dance Class, working on making a train!
 Emma is so not impressed what winter hats do to her hairstyle :)
 Snuggle Bunny!
 Sister Snuggles!

Thank you Clark Family for my amazingly soft blanket! It makes me smile while I sleep

More Sister Snuggles

Little Miss Emma is 4 weeks today!! Sllllllllllllllllllooooooooooow down time!!

Those cheeks! Milk Drunk
 Daddy snuggles
 So cozy!

Libby thinking it is so funny to play Pat-A-Cake with Emma when she's awake

More visitors to come this weekend too.  The Lindberg Family is going to be in town!!! Yayyyyyyyyy!

Enjoy your weekend!

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