Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wonderful Week

Little Miss is 3 weeks old today! I also have all 3 home today, Sally's off for conferences.  Luckily we were invited over to a friend's house so our morning was filled, which left us with just nap time :)

Mornings are my Favorite

Thank you Martinson Family for helping Emma to be oh so cute for our girls night last night! Celebrating Birthdays, Births and Friendship, we all had our kiddos along, it was pretty fun!

Little Miss Pinkalicious--thank you Harbert Family for my snugglies

Libby started her Monday morning dance class.  She LOVED it! She is so ready for school.  She listens so intently and does a great job following directions.  It feels like just yesterday I was here with Sally.  I'm soaking up the now, because soon it'll be Emma going to dance class

Listening so carefully
 Soaking it up

Big Smiles for Daddy every time he gets home from work

Reid likes the spikey hair

She's been napping in her crib, if I'm not snuggling her :) Smiling, of course

We voted, thanks to Delores for coming over so I could run up quickly

I asked Daddy to take more pictures so I can actually be in some that aren't just selfies :) Singing Sunshine before bedtime, Sally had already had her turn and was snoozing away

After naps, "Mom, can I go say Hi to Emma?" Libby's not as loud about her love for Emma, but melts my heart when she shows it in her own way.  Sister Secrets

Notice the window caption: "Be Thankful" oh are we ever!

This little sweet thing only woke up once last night.  Two 4 hour stretches, Mommy didn't need a catnap today!

Father Don came to visit! Another big blessing in our life, and our girls adore him!

So proper when she eats, she even crosses her legs.

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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