Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the Road Again

We're headed up North again, later today.  We're hanging out with family, extended family and friends!

It's the kickoff to our Fall Weddings {4 of them, plus the grand finale in the Dominican in January}.  I'm very much looking forward to one of my close girlfriend's {from high school} wedding this weekend.  Weddings are always a blast, but even more so when most of my close friends will be in attendance as well! Kind of fun that it is at the same church and reception site where Reid and I had ours!

Thank you in advance to all of the grandparents for helping to watch or girls for us so we can enjoy ourselves!

Cousin Play Date before school starts!

The Babes



Have a wonderful and safe long weekend, I'll be checking back in Tuesday!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get Together 2012

We went to the Fair yesterday! Reid got tickets ahead of time through work.  The girls were up from their naps and ready to go pick Daddy up by 3pm.  We did the awesome park and ride for free! Always Sally's highlight, riding the bus!

As always the girls were wonderful! Sally enjoyed saying what she did want to eat and ride and Libby just kicked and smiled the whole time. It was a very sucessful trip.  Ending it with coming up close and personal with a celebrity, well, a celebrity at our house, Amelia Santaniello, News anchor for WCCO.

Sally was shy at first, but then came out of her shell.  She was star struck! She told her how she was sad when she wasn't on the news sometimes, but Mommy told her she was either sick or on vacation. 

Amelia also noticed cute little Libby hanging out behind us, chewing on her toes.  She said she was so adorable and could just take a bite out of how cute her little toes were.  After we left Sally was announcing to everyone that  she just met Amelia.  She took her bow out on the bus ride home and said, "There, now I have pretty hair just like Ameila!" Thank you Amelia, for taking the time to talk to my little girl.

Loaded on the bus, ready to rock the fair!

Bus Buddies

Taking in all the sights of the bus

MN Fair!!

Sharing pretzels!

Checking out the fish

Love that Sally knew exactly what to do without being told...if only Libby knew how to take pictures I could have filled the other slot

Here Fishie Fishie

Daddy facing his fear of snakes and trying not to let Sally notice he's afraid of them

See those Sally? Daddy shoots those with his gun. He didn't really say that ;-)

Pickle on a stick!

Did you watch the 5 o'clock news last night? You can spot us in the bottom corner of the screen.  The best part? Reid made sure to stand away from us because he didn't want to get on tv.  He's on there more than us and you can see him taking this picture :) We always record the news so we have it saved on our DVR, it was good for a few laughs last night!

She couldn't resist

Finally, mommy gets a turn to take Sally on a ride! So many giggles the entire way down!

Her Fair snack of Cherrios!

Taking a minute to cool off

His Fair visit wouldn't be complete without a corndog!

"Hi Amelia!" {Our second visit back to see Amelia}

"Hello there Sally, it is so great to meet you!"

Her reaction to meeting Amelia!

Dessert, carmel apples

Ely--Car Ride

We had so much fun finally being able to put our 3rd row to use! Reid and Sally were in the third row, watching movies and reading.  Libby and Izzy were in the middle chatting away and eventually falling asleep.  Tiff and I were in the front catching up! It made our 4 hour trip fly by! Wish we could have all been together on the way home too!

Packing it all in

Best seats in the house...seriously

Reid's view

Such a Happy Girl

Watching Shrek for the first time!

A must stop on the way to Ely! Delicious!!

She didn't trust the headphones to stay in her ears no matter how many time we told her

rough life!
Thank you again, Christensen Family, for inviting us along for a wonderful, memorable weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Libby's favorite toy, her "first doll." She got it from Nana & Grandpa when she was born.  She gets so excited when she sees it!

Tiff's sister and her family were up there for a few days.  Sally was in heaven playing with KiKi and George!

Thank you for sharing this with us Tiff!!



Heading out in the boat

Libby wants to make sure Izzy will stay close!

Exploring the sandbar!

Loving life

Best of Friends

Nap time cuddles

Sharing toys
Go for it Libs! Check out the video below of her scooting away. Great video Daddy!

Pat's creative make-shift

Playing at the toy store before Church

Choo Choo
Giddy up Giddy up Giddy up up up

Good Morning!

"I have a lot of love for you in my heart, Daddy!" -Sally

Saying Good Morning to the Bear

One last picture before we hit the road

Getting their wiggles out before getting in the car

 Crazy beautiful, right?!