Sunday, October 26, 2014

Emma's First Week

That Hair

Those Eyes

That Smile

Those Arms

That Snuggle

Those Lips

We love everything about you Sweet Baby Girl, Emma! You are perfect.

"For this Child I prayed; and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him."

Third time is the charm, it's kind of like riding a bike.  Daddy has already been left with all 3 girls while Mommy ran a quick errand. Emma had just been fed, Libby was watching Super Why and Daddy was helping Sally with her pumpkin project.  I had Reid take a picture of the scene, did you spot it in the slideshow?

Emma's little sponge bath, yes, Reid knows he has his shirt on inside out, he did it on purpose.  So that when he'd snuggle with his youngest it wouldn't scratch her face :)

Daddy went back to work on Friday, Emma, Libby and I went to Target and it was a SUCCESS, no one cried, whined or was forgotten.

We made it out to our Church's Halloween Party as a family of 5!

We've made it to church twice and on time :)  We were almost late for our first trip last week.  Emma thought, "oh, you guys think you've got this?  3 kids and you're going to make it to church early?  I'll show you!" Clicked her seat in the car, was working on clicking Libby in and Emma spits up all over her seat and clothes (her first spit up too).  Luckily Mommy is freaky fast and we changed her and still made it to church on time.

Thank you thank you for all of the emails, phone calls, comments, text, visits, gifts, food and love! We so appreciate all of our friends and family!

3 kids

3 girls

3 daughters

3 sisters, it's still sinking in!

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