Friday, August 23, 2013

Thankul it happened

Today was the last day of the pool for us.  We're trying to teach the girls to be thankful it happened rather than sad that it's over.

They did very well with it today!  These past two mornings have been absolutely perfect weather and the girls have behaved wonderfully!

I'm so impressed to think of the girls' progress from our first day in June until today.  Sally grew and learned so so much! Libby progressed as well with her love of water, but nothing can beat her love of the water slides!

We already know we'll be back again next summer!  Moving on to the next chapter, back to school, new routine, new a few more weeks yet.

So happy Delores and Grady joined us as well! Libby doesn't like the photo bomb, I guess

They got to pick out a special dessert for our last day

Different suits, pictures from yesterday:

Summer 2013 has been pretty awesome!!

Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend!! Happy Wedding Weekend for the Moran's and Black's!! Happy Everything!!

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