Saturday, November 12, 2016

We've been Enjoying

This never ending gorgeous November weather

Finding the last of the leaves
The beautiful skies

 The freedom to vote
 The cuteness of 2nd graders
 The NFL Ticket-like Election style

Not so much enjoying the fact that Daddy had to have a last minute work trip to Cali, but thankful I stay home so he has the flexibility to be able to do so, so we make sure to send him lots of pictures, like this

 Emma decided she didn't want to be on the end...
 My cleaning Squad
 Cleaning break Tea Parties.  We love our "nowhere we have to be" Thursdays
 sidewalk chalkin' and sandals on November 10th
 Family portrait, each member being assigned a different shape--triangle, square, circle, heart, rectangle and tree
 Fluffball hats
 Waiting for Big Sis' bus to arrive sillies

and FriYays...even though this will post on Saturday.  Happy Weekend Ya'll

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