Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Last week was a Doozy

It was a rough go for the Craigmile Crew last week.  Libby's sickness didn't last 24 hours, it was a whole week long of ups and downs.   One day she couldn't keep anything down.  The next seemed like improvement and then the day after that it started all over again.

It's Reid's busiest time at work, so he helped as much as he could.  But the combination of the mental and emotional drain of one of your own being sick on top of not sleeping well with it being the 3rd trimester and just worry.

And then on top of it I had my glucose test on Friday and I'm known to not pass my first go around, so I was trying to watch the extra carb load and sugar intake and then when you have to watch what you're eating, it just adds another stressor, right?

But alas, we did survive, it just felt like it all came crashing down on me at once.  It really wasn't any one big thing, I'm just a perfectionist who plans everything to a T, so when I have to rely on other people for help I just don't do well.  When that's mixed with lack of sleep and hormonal mama it's a bad combo for me. 

I don't get stressed or reach my breaking point very often, and it makes me thankful that these days and/or weeks are far and few each year.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?  If anything it makes you thankful and grateful for the ordinary.

Like this...a year ago, Libby's journal entry from school. She's come so far in her drawing and writing skills and we're still very thankful for Jesus :)
and this, Mmmm sweet Baby Emma.  Can't believe there will be a new Little around here in 11 weeks, give or take
I did get a chance to sneak away for a bit on Thursday.  It was girls night.  Sally and two of her friends and their mamas and I went to dinner and the school play.  I have a feeling we have lots of many memories to create in our future.  Such sweet girls, and I adore their Mamas too!
 Getting ready for another birthday around here.  Love this picture on the back of Libby's birthday invites :)

Reid wasn't able to make it to our doctor appointment on Friday because he needed to stay home with Libby and Emma.  We weren't about to make anyone watch sick Libby and risk spreading it to them.  It was hard for him to not come as we were having a follow up ultrasound to check the size of 4.0's kidneys, a common theme in the Craigmile Crew...nothing really to worry about, just kidney reflux, Sally had it.  Emma almost had it, but outgrew it and 4.0 may have it.

However, it DID give Grandma a chance to have a front row seat at an Ultrasound, and I'm so glad she was able to make it.  We also had a top notch Ultrasaound tech, which can sometimes make or break the experience.  Grandma learned a lot and it was so fun to take another look at the tiny miracle in my belly.

C-Mile 4.0 says Hellooooo!

To compare, here was Emma, at I think, 24 weeks.  They love to snuggle on up to the side of the womb with hands always by their faces.

4.0 already has some hair!
 His/Her little feet were criss-crossed just like it's sisters always do
 We're so very excited to meet you!
 and then I failed my one hour glucose test.  Wah wah.  Luckily I was able to schedule the longer version for the very next day, a Saturday, so I didn't have to worry about childcare since it was a weekend and I could continue watching what I ate/ stock up on lots of protein.  Hello Chicken for lunch and steak for dinner.  That did get a little eye roll from Reid, but he soon realized I don't make any pregnancy must have NOW and so he was happy to oblige.

I'm happy to report I passed the 2-hour test and Reid survived tennis lessons with a recovering Libby, a shoe and sockless Emma, cheering on Sally while he had a conference call for work.  See? Lots of juggling last week.  Ooofta
 We attended our 5:15pm Mass on Saturday and then stayed for the Parish Tradition of BINGO.  It was a little crazy, but mostly fun!
 Emma and I snuck away a little early to put her to bed.  She enjoyed a bag of popcorn the size of her!
 See? Many memories to continue to be made a cherished.  Sally's 2 friends from Thursday and their sibs made up their BINGO table
 and then we had a peaceful Sunday morning to fill my cip back up of some quality family time.

Emma being Emma..HAT
 Sunday morning donuts with her donut Jammies.  Yeah, she owns the place, at least she thinks so
 Finally swimming lessons.  Libby's movin' on up to the next level and Sally rocked her class as well. Sally can't really move on up as I think the next level is to become an instructor :)  Just more perfecting her strokes.  Proud of these little fish!
Her new favorite line "I don't know"

Emma must have know Sunday was the last day of the year of Mercy.  She was requesting to watch the Divine Mercy.  Cannot believe it's the first Sunday of Advent on Sunday!

Libby was excited to finally make it back to school on Monday.  She came home with a sweet little project that she quickly decided to share with Alisha, as she had a rough night with her Little!
 Libby sharing her "SmileStone" we ♥ the Johnson Fam
 It's the end of Sally's 1st Trimester, she came home with a lot of her projects.  Proud of our school girl.  Love this paper she wrote for Grandparents days, all on her own!
 We're glad we were out and about running errands yesterday, so we could hunker down on this wet, sleety, snowy, cold day.  Emma helping make another loaf of Banana bread to bring to Grandma and George's
 It's time to bring out all the winter gear! Morning bus adventures, brrrrrrr

I doubt I'll log back on before Thanksgiving.  We hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving.  Thank you for taking the time to read the blizog.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday week.  Prayers for safe travels with all of the crazy winter weather!

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