Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Day in Walker

Oops, there were a few other pictures from Friday night in Walker.

Sally's proud face of starting and continuing to swing/pump all on her own

Piling, filling and dumping

 Dinner for the girls, app for preggo mama waiting for a late steak dinner

She had 2 chocolate covered pretzels...bath time

Mom and George, Joey and Emily went for one last cocktail cruise while we put the big kids to bed.  Then Grandma watched the babes {they all took naps, so a later bedtime} so Joey, Emily, Jenny, Brian, Reid and I could go for one last cruise on the boat before returning it early in the am.

He redeemed himself with his picture taking abilities :)


Saturday morning all the guys went golfing. We had a low key morning at the park

After lunch there was a little kayaking and some Nines

I borrowed Lucy's tube so I could float on my stomach, a dream come true for a preggo tummy sleeper :)

Searching for minnows

Katie Ringle was in town for a visit and we were so happy she was able to find the time to come and visit and meet all of the kiddos and for us to meet her cute guy Jack!

Our attempt at getting a picture of all of the kids

Silly faces and boat photobombed

Another successful Walker weekend in the memory books.  Thank you so much Grandma!!  Crazy how fast those 365 days seemed to go by to have it already have happened, and crazy how fast our days in Walker flew by!  See you next summer, Shores of Leech Lake!

A little entertainment for you, it's really too bad the sons of the family don't get along

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