Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Friday

Happy Friday Folks!

We feel safe around here with Super Sally always to the rescue

She's pretty proud of her mask she made at her afternoon park program
I'm pretty sure I have the best hanger outer there is.  She does such a great job going to Sally's activities and just hanging out with me.

Super Soccer Star, until she was swarmed by Fireflies...

I didn't feel like packing a lunch yesterday, so surprised the girls with ordering lunch at the pool.  Libby did a great job holding my spot in line.

How adorable is she?

Lots of bursting hearts lately, with the overwhelming love for the girlies, especially when I check on them each night and they're peacefully sleeping.  There have been lots of little moments throughout our days where I'm just so happy to be exactly where I'm at.  I'm approaching that time, where I can't possibly imagine that love being tripled as we're about to welcome little Squirt into our family, just as I couldn't possibly imagine my love doubling when we were about to welcome Libby.  But it does indeed double and triple and not get cut in to half or thirds.  Love, such a powerful thing. Kidlets, such an amazing life altering miracle.  Many many blessings!

Happy Almost Weekend Y'all


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