Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First few days of Walker

Prepping the baked goods

2 Loaves of Banana Bread
2 batches of Special K Bars

Check in to our cabins isn't supposed to be until 3:30pm, but we noticed they weren't rented Monday or Tuesday, so we decided to head up early and give an early check in a shot.  Worst case scenario we would have lunch in town.

On the road again
Morning coffee and pregnancy causes us to stop and visit our good friend Paul ;) Twice in 3 weeks :)

We also took a quick pit stop in Nisswa at their bin candy store, Chocolate Ox, Squirt made me do it ;)

 Welcome to Walker!

Reid and I always try and outdo each other on our picture taking abilities, this is one of my favorite, as he didn't realize he was in the mirror as well...

We lucked out and checked right in!

The girls taking it all in!
Libby took a great nap and Daddy got a good head start on his Midterm so he could enjoy the week a little more and everyone else arrived and unpacked

Dipping toes with oldest while we waited for the others to arrive

It didn't take long for her to ask for her suit, she made a fish face to remind me that she's my little fish

 Libby and Daddy quickly joined in

As well as George!

She was a little excited for her Gummy Bears after finishing her dinner

Everyone slept great and we enjoyed a low key relaxing morning while Jenny and Joey headed to pick up our boat rental for the next two days.  Thanks Jenny for organizing that!

Morning boat cruise!

Always wanting to snuggle with Baby

All the kiddos got a turn to help Uncle Joey be captain.  Libby was the only one to actually crank the wheel :) atta girl!

First swim in the middle of the lake, it was a bit more chilly than last year

Silly Faces
 William is such a good big brother and older cousin! Libby enjoyed sitting on his lap

Grandma laid out on the dock while the girls napped, so mommy and daddy could join a few others to go out and fish
 We couldn't believe how close this loon came to us without diving under!

Miss Hollywood just waking up from her nap and heading out to enjoy her snack

Silly faces

Emily is so great with all the kiddos always wanting to play and snuggle with her!

The Craigmile Crew!

Bobby checking out Joey's naughty stuff

An eagle on a branch #merica

Happy Hour Cruise



Trying on Uncle Brian's hat
 Taking it all in
 One of the highlights was when Libby said she had to go to the bathroom.  We held her over the boat and she went like a champ! A true MN lakes girl already!

Reid's favorite shot of the weekend.  Joey asked me to hold his open beer while he ran to grab something.  A few people saw me walking with it and the preggo belly and had a few double takes...

More to come...

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