Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mornings We Dream of

This morning was the kind of morning we dream of in the dead of winter!

The sun was shining away as we enjoyed our 15 minute news headlines, coffee and one quick cartoon.

We ate our breakfast, did or morning "responsibilities" and we were out the front door for a little morning coloring session.  Sally was working on some pictures to give to her teachers tomorrow for her last day of school.

We decided to walk to swimming lessons today.  On our way to the stroller we noticed some of our Tulips were starting to bloom.  We've been waiting since, well, September or October when Nana and Grandpa came to plant them!

They were quite excited!

Sally did great at swimming and we came back to eat lunch outside!

Sally's been asking to do one of her art projects that she got for her birthday, for quite some time.  I had a market research thing to attend to late in the afternoon {Thank you Delores, for watching the girls, yet again!}.  So I decided to let Sally come down from her quiet time a little earlier so we could work on her mirror together.  She was so excited and appreciative.

Thank you Gearman Family for the great gift, she loves it!

 I know this is the math nerd in me. But, ever since Sally learned about symmetry, she puts a little more thought and organization in to her arts and crafts.  I kind of like it :)
Mom, make sure you get a picture of the back too :)
We're excited to have Daddy back tomorrow and for the beautiful Memorial Day Weekend Weather!!

Happy almost Friday!!

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