Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kickoff to Summer

We've had a fantastic week.  Thank you MN weather for delivering!! You won't hear this Mama complaining about the heat, even though I'm leggo my preggo.

It was just me and the Babe the other beautiful morning!  We're 20 WEEKS!! WHAT? When did that happen? Reid is very excited that he has started to feel the baby kick!

Yesterday we took our morning to Lake Calhoun, to play and have a picnic lunch!  We even ran in to some of Libby's ECFE Friends!!

The girls got to dip their feet in the water too!
Sister Secrets

Sally's favorite thing right now is butterflies.  They were exploring the beautiful Lilac Tree and a Monarch Butterfly flew right by her.  She was sooooo excited! It was pretty close to the excitement she demonstrated after meeting Ariel in Disney World.

"Oh My Goodness Mom, it was a real butterfly in real life, can you even believe it?!"

Then she was spinning and smiling and raising her hands.

"Thank you thank you thank you Lord for the Monarch Butterfly!"

Sally has started a rock collection :)

They're pretty excited about all of their colorful tulips!  They wanted to show Nana and Grandpa!  We were headed out for a walk to FroYo, Sally was using some of her money she earned from the neighbor for helping him pick dandelions.  She doesn't know they're a weed, shhhhhhhhhh

L still isn't a fan of cold things, so she gets a little dish of just a few treats. She discovered Reese's Pieces!

Don't mind the 16 year old with earrings

This morning Sally rocked her swimming lessons! She has one more lesson before the pool opens next FRIDAY!!  We came home, ate lunch outside and hit the hay.  After naps we headed up to the Splash Pad.  It was a hit!

There were more pregnant moms than not.  And most are due like any was nice to feel in the majority :)

The girls were so cute, always making sure the other was with them and playing together.  One time I caught them in the corner dancing.  Libby's favorite line lately is, "May I have this Dance?"

What to tackle first?

Two Thumbs up for our awesome weather!!
Check out the silly nut

Tomorrow is already Friday!! Crazy how fast the week flies by when you can spend most of it outdoors!!

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