Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Squirt--Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow we hit the 21 week mark.  Wowzers!

We had a whopper of an appointment on Monday, 20 week ultrasound, an early Gestational Diabetes Test and a regular prenatal appointment.  Thank you to Nana and Grandpa for watching the girls for us!!

All is well with Baby Squirt!  I'm going to refer to the baby as he, to keep it simple and apparently that's grammatically correct, according to our ultrasound tech.  She knew we wanted to keep the gender a surprise so she let us know ahead of time she refers to the baby as he.

He did a pretty good job cooperating so she was able to get all of the necessary pictures.  My placenta is on my back left side.  Which is why I've been able to feel movement earlier than I did with Sally and Libby.  I've always known the placenta to be in the front, so they kick that instead of me and I don't feel it until later in the pregnancy.

This view always creeps me out a little
His heart rate was 136.  4 points in the boy range, but we all remember Sally's was 138 :)

Striking a pose
We do get to go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound, as the kidney's were a little bit enlarged, and by a little, I mean a very little bit.  They are supposed to be 0.4cm and Squirt's were 0.45cm.  It could mean that he has kidney reflux, just like his Sister Sally had.  Our midwife was relieved to hear that we knew what it was and had dealt with it before so it isn't something to lose any sleep over.  We learned, after Sally had it, that her future siblings had a 30% chance of having it as well, and Sally's offspring have a 60% chance of having it.  Sometimes it is outgrown before the baby is even born.  So, again, nothing to be overly concerned about.  Will be fun to see Squirt again!

Our due date continues to stay at October 15.  He was measuring two days behind, which was the same as he was at our 10 week appointment.  It doesn't really surprise me as I didn't start feeling sick until a few days after I turned 6 weeks and with the girls I was a little bit before that or right at  6 weeks.  Sally was 8 days early and Libby was one day early.  I'm prepping myself to go over.  No rush, right? :)  Squirt weighs in at a whopping 13 ounces.

Our ultrasound tech said she wanted to play with a new toy and surprised us with a few 4D pictures.

Pretty cool, but can also seem like candle wax :)  We watched for a little while, but Squirt refused to move his hand from his face :)  He's resting against my placenta.

A little thumbs up or get the H outta here and let me sleep :)

I passed my early Gestational test, YAY!  They wanted to test me early since I have a history of big babies and apparently once you're in your 30s it can be more likely to show up?  I will still have to take the test again at 28 weeks.  At least if I fail that one I'll only have to manage for 12 weeks and summer will be over half over.

My prenatal checkup was in between drinking the sugary mix and getting my blood drawn and by that time Squirt's heart rate had made it's way up to 160...crazy! I'm measuring right on, between 20 and 21 weeks.

This is one of my favorites.  Love the little nose, lips, chin and neck, and this is how Mommy can be found sleeping if she can't sleep on her stomach.

So, what do you think, boy or girl?