Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summa Summa Summertime!

It has been a delightful week, with not too much on our schedule.  Sally has been doing a great job of continuing to make her bed each morning.

Looking more and more like a Kindergartner each day!
Yesterday, Libby wanted to make hers all on her own too.  She did a really good job!

Enjoying some Gogurt at the pool

I got Libby to go down the water slide with Sally and I.  I may or may not have bribed her with a cookie...but hey, now she knows how much fun it is and wants to do it again!

Mmmm Chocolate...

I was impressed with how exact Sally colored her princesses, all from memory too.  Even down to the color of the eyes!

Today is Grandpa's Birthday, Happy Birthday Grandparooni!!

We hope you treated yourself to a peanut butter cup blizzard!

We welcomed the cooler weather today.  It was a nice opportunity to get some things done around the house, and get a few errands in.  Things I always feel guilty doing if it's a really nice pool day, since our summer days are so limited and our dreadful winter has not yet been forgotten.  It was nice to not have to rush the girls to eat breakfast or get ready.

Sally got to bring her birthday quarters with to Target to cash them in for a toy.  Mommy and Daddy helped her out with a few extra dollars since she had given some of her quarters during the collection at Church and also a few FroYo visits.  She was quite excited.

I was very impressed and proud with how willing she was to share Elsa with Libby, right from the start! :)

Sally continues to love her park thing each day and I continue to love having a solid two hours to myself with Libby crashing at nap time.  When we picked Sally up today, we found her helping water their little garden.

We opted to stay and let Libby check out the new park, and Sally show us what she loves to do at the new park.  I was impressed, and had fun too.  The slides are really high and L wanted me to go down one with her.

Swinging and Sliding

Does anything else represent summer better than Watermelon?

We had a yummy dinner of Pork Chops on the grill {thanks Daddy!}, Zucchini, Corn on the cob and watermelon.

We did quick showers and hopped in the stroller for a Jammie Walk!

G'Night, Sweet Dreams!

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