Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Ten Morning

Do you watch WCCO? When they do the weather, if it's a supposed to be one of those perfect weather days they label it a Top 10 Weather Day.  Libby and I had a Top Ten Morning!

We spotted a Monarch

We got dressed and headed for a walk and breakfast around Lake of the Isles.  It was so very peaceful!  Not just because I only had one child, but the weather was absolutely glorious!  So thankful I was able to take advantage of it!

The Geese were eating their breakfast too.

See? Glorious

Special one on one time

Life is beautiful
After our walk we headed over to Wolfe Park to play for a little bit before heading home for lunch and naps

Swinging and checking out the rest of the crew and things to do at the park
 She decided she wanted to go in the playhouse.  I was a little surprised, as she's usually more timid in new situations, especially without her sister.

She wasn't that little boy's biggest fan.  He wasn't very kind to her and she didn't back down. "Please stop, I don't like that." and he did.  Proud Mommy moment :)

She saw that the little girl in the pink hat wanted to have a seat, so Libby moved over as far as she could to make room for her, another proud Mommy moment

She rocked her nap and we had to continue to take advantage of the beautiful day so we headed to the West End for dinner and dessert outside!

We stopped in Creative Kid Stuff, to explore for a bit, before dessert

 There were a couple of little boys running around the store trying everything out.  I saw the trampoline and said, "Libby, look what's over there."  She looked right over it and was impressed with the wall of dolls instead.  Then she noticed the trampoline and very gently touched it, looked at me, "Can I jump on it?"  I'm sure it will be a different scene in a few years if Squirt is a boy...
"Time for bed Sweet Girl"
And topped off with dessert!

Sally is at her Third Annual Big Kid Cousin weekend with Grandma and George, and having a great time.  We met up yesterday, at Great Grandma Bea's for the hand-off

It was going to be a picnic lunch, but it was a little too chilly on Thursday

The best we could get :)

Extra Snuggles

Heading out!
 We got George's birthday present ready so Sally could deliver it to him
New Golf Balls with a little decorating by the girls!
 I was in Maple Grove and wanted to see if Nadia Cakes was all that it was cracked up to be.  It was a super cute store, maybe a little over priced, but the cupcakes were good!

A little over 22 weeks!

Happy Weekend!

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