Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suit Up!

Have you seen this article floating around the web?  The one encouraging Mamas to put on their swimsuit and swim with their kiddies?  Here, take a second and read it.  It's not too long, short and sweet, I'll wait for you.

I liked it, it made me smile.  For the most part, I'm a suiter upper and a jumper inner and a climb the stairs and let's go down the water slide. No matter how unflattering it is to try and get out of a tube at the end of the slide, pregnant belly and all.  I love the water and I love to swim and I love to see the joy on my girls' faces when Mommy takes off her cover up to come in the pool.  I'm not going to lie, as the baby belly grows I more and more resemble a nice plump strawberry with my red maternity swim suit.  But you know what? I'm growing a baby for a third time. I don't care what I look like, and can I get an Amen for how awesome a pool feels when you're pregnant?  I'm living it up this summer at the pool, it's going to be quite a different scene next summer adding a third sidekick to the pool that will only be 8 months old.

So, suit up, who cares what you look like, the memories are way more important!

Sisters, playing fetch...Libby throwing a toy dolphin for Sally to swim and get :)
Yesterday was another top 10 day.  The weather was great, the girls were listening well and getting along with one another and we had a grand ol' time at the pool, and nap and grilling and playing outside after dinner.  It was wonderful, filled with lots of memories and lots of Thank You, Mommy, that was Great Daddy!

Can you spot the live ones? :)
Enjoying a delicious Mocktail :)

The girls collecting rocks

The extra fun summer activities certainly knock the girls out. They are sleeping within 5 minutes of putting them down and they've been sleeping in each morning. Win Win!

The only downfall is they don't get to send Daddy off for the day. "Can I send Daddy a picture to say have a good day?"
Sally loves to learn, she chose this over watching a show

"Can I write too, please?"

Last week Kate and Patrick stopped by to pass on some hand-me-downs, Sally only loved them a little bit... ;)  Thank you Clark Family!

Happy Tuesday, Happy Day!

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