Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekend with Nana & Gramps

We had a great weekend with Nana and Gramps, if only the weather would have been a little bit nicer.  Oh well, we needed the rain I guess.

We had initially asked them to come down so they could watch the girls for us for our whopper of an appointment on Monday.  They also wanted to celebrate Sally's birthday since they weren't able to make it to her par-tay.

Libby did so well throughout all of Sally's birthday, of never asking where her presents were.  Of course N&G would include a little gift for her

Sally was pretty excited about her Dorthy wig!

 Libby was pretty excited too, because that meant Sally would share her Rapunzel wig...

Seriously, Sally...

Sally got to choose her birthday treat, and of course chose DQ.  She even requested we sing Happy Birthday to her before she ate her cone :)
L brought her standard Jelly Beans since she doesn't care for ice cream

Princess Jammers
Sunday we went to Mass and out for lunch.  After naps and the rain let up we headed out for some fresh air

Master biker, totally all on her own now!

Daddy wanted to show the girls how it was done
After a quick walk we headed up to Park Tav for some bowling and dinner
Pretty excited about her Spare

Gramps won, which also meant he covered the dinner bill :)

About to get a strike

Loving life! How adorable is her dress Nana picked up at a garage sale!
Bedtime Stories

Morning Stories
 On our way to the Ultrasound

Grandpa took the girls to the park while we were at the Doctor

Showing the girls pictures of their brother or sister.

Nana also got to come along to the Used Uniform Sale at Sally's school.  She's all set with her uniforms for next year!!

The day after a weekend with Nana and Grandpa is always a bit of an adjustment.  It's hard to go from 110% attention to just Mommy...

My morning sunshines, waving bye to Daddy as he heads to work

We also squeezed in another "splash splash" {as L calls it} visit last Friday.

She was more interested in hanging back with Mommy and observing, rather than getting all wet

Her sister? Not so much :)

My girls. Summer of 2014 is off to a great start!
Happy 4th Birthday, Maddie!

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