Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

We had a great day yesterday, starting the morning off with Sally's first session of Little Rookies, a sports sampler.  They do 2 weeks of soccer, 2 weeks of T-Ball and 2 weeks of Basketball.  They get to learn the rules and proper techniques of each sport.

Sally is in the blue shirt and white shorts...Mommy didn't realize how warm it already was out, so she'll change tops midway through :)
Just a good little girl, sitting by Mommy enjoying some books, stickers and crayons

What's up with this girl and her drooling?  You would think she's getting a full set of teeth, except her teeth are already in, any ideas?
Now she has a navy tank top on


She's ready for the world cup ;)

We were excited to be staying and hitting up the Splash Pad to meet up with the Stejskal Family and then the Christensen Family to join us for a picnic lunch.

Cooling off


Climbing to the tippy top

If you know SLP, you know lots of planes fly over.  We noticed one unique plane coming our way.  Amanda asked if maybe it was the President.  Sure enough, it was Air Force One, kind of cool

Libby and I were enjoying snack outside after naps {Sally was at her afternoon Park Camp} and Squirt was enjoying his/her snack too.  Here is Libby's reaction when she saw Squirt move!

24 weeks, already! Time is going crazy fast!

We enjoyed some pancakes for dinner last night while Daddy was at class and then had a low key free play upstairs. It was one of those moments when there was nothing special in particular, but a moment I'll remember.

Libby telling me my options of where I could get my picture taken and Sally working hard on some Thank yous.

Daddy was excited to show us his special find yesterday on his way in from class

Baby Owls
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy end of June (What?!), Happy Everything

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