Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1-2-3-S U M M E R !

I don't know where she saw it, but each morning before we head to the pool, Sally has us put our hands in and shout SUMMER! :)

This morning the girls wanted their hair just like mine

We're getting by without our Big Pops, but we're sure looking forward to his return in the AM!  This one has been a little off all week, not sure if it's because she misses him or what's up?

Hey Mom, look at me

Second borns...she's a mess, bump on her nose and 3 skeeter bites on her face and a scratch on her chest
**Whoa, Squirt just kicked big enough to make my stomach move! 22 weeks today!

Little Learner loooooves to learn!

She wanted to show me where her courage was before heading down the body slide!

It has been fun meeting up with Tiffany, Izzy and Bobby at the pool.  Happy 1st Birthday to Bobby today!!

My little fish, swimming after her princesses and dolphin.

Happy Birthday, yesterday, to George!  Happy Hump Daaaaaaaaay!

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