Monday, June 30, 2014

Let it go

Summer is a time to just drop the "stuff" and fly by the seat of your pants, right? :)  We weren't sure what the weather was going to do Friday morning so we opted to hang low and Mommy was going to clean the house, but then the sun started to peek through and we dropped everything and headed to the pool last minute.  My vacuum is still sitting in the same spot it was Friday morning.  That's not like me.  Reid's impressed, he wishes I would do that more often :)

Low key, do what we want, offers many memorable moments

Checking out the 5,000 kids that came off the bus for a field trip...lunch time ;)

How adorable is the high bun?

Sally had her 5 year check up {better late than never} and Libby had some shots to catch up on.

Sally's doing very well and has a clean bill of health!

Our Doctor was impressed that she hadn't been in in a whole year!


 Sally's stats:

44lbs-73%-- gained 5 pounds in a year, exactly what they want her to do

43.5 inches-65%-- grew 4 inches in a year, impressive growth spurt!

2 very brave girls!  The doctor asked if they could come back and show her other patients how to get shots.  Not one tear!  In fact, when we walked out, after getting two shots one in each leg, Libby asked when she was going to get her shot :)

We were excited that Daddy was able to come to the appointment as well, thus giving us an early start to the weekend.  We headed over to the West End for a quick shop and dinner out!

Heading to Noodles for dinner
 Of course we stopped across the street for some dessert.  Thanks Nana for the DQ coupons!

Libby actually ate part of a cone!

Checking out the geese, next time you see the girls, ask what geese do to get their kids to follow them :)
Saturday morning, Mommy encouraged Daddy to try out a new doughnut place, thanks to Kallie's recommendation.  Bogart's doughnuts didn't disappoint!

 Kid friendly too, as they usually have a long line, but we were lucky to only have to wait about 5 minutes

We headed to a fun spot to eat our doughnuts with a view!

 Taking full advantage of the easy stage we are at in life...for another few months :)

 The Crazy Craigmile Crew!

We headed back for a productive rest of the morning.  Daddy switched and installed a new side door--much appreciated!! And Mommy mowed the lawn!

After naps we had planned to head to a fun carnival with the Christensen Family, but the weather had other plans.

Then we tried to go bowling, but the wait was too long, so we ended up at the Malt Shop for dessert!!

A favorite spot for my Mom and Dad at one point.  Was fun to share that with the girls.  They enjoyed the atmosphere and the live music, not to mention the delicious malts!

uh oh, Sally figured out she has the option to not smile in pictures...

You should have heard their giggles, Sally thought she was so funny sneaking bites of Daddy's malt when he wasn't looking

Crazy flooding by Minnehaha Creek

Sunday morning Mommy had to EM at Mass, so we went to the later Mass, and enjoyed a slow moving morning.

Nap time was nice and relaxing.  Mommy's addicted to her book "Sweet Salty Air" a must read :) (as well as "Sarah's Key"!)

We practiced playing catch with a glove and ball, riding bikes and hanging out.  The Norton Family headed down to join us, which turned in to an impromptu BBQ night.  Thank you, yet again, for a delicious meal!!

As you know, Sally is a big fan of Butterflies.  She often asks if one will ever land on her finger.  Her wish came true, sort of.  At what point do we explain the difference between a moth and a butterfly? :) It might be more devastating than Santa ;)

Pure Joy!

One on each hand
It was pretty entertaining to hear the girls' nervous giggles once the "butterfly" would start crawling around their neck, arm, and hair.  Here is a little piece of that.

Moral of the story, go with the flow, when you can, unexpected goodness happens :)

Happy Last Day of June!!

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