Monday, May 5, 2014

Sun Shiny Day

The Sun came out even more!

This weekend we got the lawn furniture out.  Can I just say how awesome "nap time" was today? :)  The Sun was shining the girls were napping and mommy was thawing her winter bones :)

Our weekend was great!  Daddy had Friday off, so it was technically a 3-day weekend.  Saturday morning he took the girls to get donuts, we went bowling and walked to the park all before lunch.

Mornings are my favorite
She adores him as much he adores her

I love her little look of approval

Proud solo bowler
Sunday morning, Sally had her last Sunday school, we did some biking, lounging, yard work, organizing and grilling.

A favorite moment from the weekend. 

All of us had after nap snacks together and just talked for a little bit
I don't know what it was, but for some reason I wanted to remember Libby's little bouncy run down the sidewalk.  A moment I want to remember.

We watched the Kentucky Derby.  We each picked a different horse to win.  Reid said the person who chose the highest standing horse would get to pick the dessert for the next night.  Sally picked horse 5 {"because I'm going to be 5"}.  Horse 5, California Chrome, won.  Little Miss winner chose DQ :)

a perfect end to a splendid weekend!

**Oh, and little Squirt was a bit like popcorn this weekend.  Love this pregnancy stage!

Happy Teacher Appreciate Week to all of my fellow teachers!!

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