Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend in Photos!

We kicked off Easter weekend with Thomas and Erin coming for a quick visit! We picked Thomas up from the airport Thursday evening and Erin rolled in when Reid got home from class. It's always so fun to catch up with these two. Reid and Thomas are like two peas in a pod!

We packed up and were on the road by 9:30am on Friday, to make it home in time for Good Friday Mass at noon.

We laid low, caught up and watched Gravity that day.

Saturday morning was the Easter Egg Hunt/Party at the Church.  We got to meet up with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Marc, Auntie Regan, and Cannon and Reice.  The girls had a great time!

Found one! Last year, this was the place she took the most first steps in a row!

Right hand on yellow!

Great form!

Sucking on Jelly Beans, but were able to smile for a quick pic

The Craigmile Crew

Cookies with cousins!
The girls went down for naps and Grandma and I did some baking and cooking to prep for Easter brunch!

Once the girls got up we dyed Easter eggs.  I forgot to get a picture of Daddy's awesome purple and yellow Vikings one and George's lame green and yellow packer one ;)

The sun came out so we headed out for a walk!

I was excited that the girls got to witness the ice going out.  Each day it was a little less and a little less.  They loved checking it after bed and naps.  Finally Saturday afternoon it was out!

Horsing around while George was grilling our steak dinner--YUM!

Grandpa Joe stopped by for a quick visit!

Playing Frozen with their "capes"
George and Sally had a heart to heart for a bit on the patio.  I had to do a double take, it looks like Sally's holding the wine :)

Grandma was off to the Easter Vigil.  She was a sponsor for one of the candidates, as was Grandpa.  The girls needed to be a little older to pull that one off.

Thank you to George for hanging back while the girls were sleeping so Mommy and Daddy could say Happy Birthday to cousin Sarah at her surprise 30th birthday party.

Easter morning, the girls were up at 7am ready to search for their Easter baskets!

We met up with Father Don and went to beautiful Easter Mass.  After Mass we came back for some family photos and a delicious Easter lunch, thanks Mom!!

The Crazy Craigmile Crew, party of five!

They love their Grandma and George

Our special visitor--Father Don! Always nice to catch up with him!

The girls headed out for a quick Easter Egg Hunt!

Their favorite tree
Little Miss Diva spotting an egg
Nana and Grandpa came over for dessert to celebrate Nana's Birthday!

They love their Nana Banana!
Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the fun Easter gifts!

While the girls napped we sat outside, visited and got some awesome tan lines!  We packed up and hit the road, with a pit stop at DQ--yay for dessert!!

Thank you Grandma and George for a fabulous relaxing weekend, we had a great time!  The girls LOVE their Frozen DVD and got to watch it on the way home since we ended up taking the scenic route to avoid traffic!  Thank you Thank you!!

Two thumbs up for a successful Easter Weekend!

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