Saturday, April 12, 2014

The rest of a really great weather week!

Sally had her turn at swimming lessons on Thursday.  She was so excited to discover that she was tall enough to touch the bottom!

She did great and is excited to go back next week

Sisters, blowing some bubbles while waiting for the Christensens to come over and play.  We didn't get any pictures of the crew, but they had a great time playing together! Looking forward to seeing them more often as summer approaches! Thanks for coming to play!

Libby's bubble blowing is serious business, no time to smile for a picture ;)

I love Sally's passion.  Biking and belting out "Let it go!"

Daddy had a volunteer event yesterday morning and he didn't have to leave until later.  He enjoyed the morning routine with his girls!

We of course were outside again yesterday, after naps we decided to walk up to the park.  Daddy was coming home soon so we could go to our Church's Fish Fry.  When we arrived at the park, we knew almost every family that was there, it was so fun!  Daddy was able to join in the fun and we delayed our fish fry a little bit so we could enjoy the friendship and beautiful weather.  I love coming out of Hibernation and getting back in the park groove :)

The girls enjoyed the fish fry! They're getting so old.  They were allowed to go to the kid coloring table once they were finished.  Libby thought she was a pretty big deal being able to go there by herself.  I caught her just as she was coming down, but they were so sweet coloring next to one another.

The girls and Daddy are about to come back with Saturday morning Donuts.  Looking forward to another beautiful day, once the rain passes through.

Enjoy your weekend!

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