Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Triduum

We wish you a blessed Easter Triduum, and hope your Lenten Journey was what you hoped it would be.

Sally had her Easter Chapel at school yesterday.  I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure she was the cutest little pre-schooler.  Thank you Clarks for the super cute jumper!!

Libby did a great job cheering for her big sis!

Sally loved saying Hi to Libby

Sally's bed might have gotten smaller, but her responsibilities got bigger.  She's now in charge of making her bed each morning.  Here is her first morning doing it all by herself, she's quite proud!

Like I said, quiet times have been successful...


The Other day I posted this picture on the blog:

I was wrong.  The girls were not watching Little Einstein's, instead, Daddy was showing them the video of "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord."  A favorite around these parts lately.  They were raising their arms in the air like you would do at a concert.  Very angelic these two are ;)

We're looking forward to the warmer weather next week!

Until then, we'll be waiting.

"Good Friday means that Life Hurts. Saturday means that if we wait and hope and keep vigil- Easter Sunday will come to prove that Love Wins.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Pain, Waiting, Redemption."

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Have a Blessed Easter!

The Craigmile Crew

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  1. Next year at this time, we all will be enjoying another bunny in the nest! :) A blessed Easter to all~