Monday, April 28, 2014

29 and Lookin' Fine!

Our main man around here turned 29 today! He was able to take the day off to spend with his girls.  Otherwise we wouldn't have seen him at all, because he had class tonight--Boo!

It was an ordinary day for the most part, with lots of sweets mixed in!  He got some special one on one time with each of his girls!

While he was at the gym, mommy was up getting the banner, balloons, presents and cards ready for the "birthday boy" as Sally called him all day!

Sally was excited to have Daddy along for school drop off.  She informed her teachers of the special day and just how old Daddy was, they were quite surprised.  Soon to have 3 kids under 30!

Libby, Birthday Boy and I, headed to the Mall to cash in on his free Caribou!

She picked out her special shirt just for Daddy's day!
Enjoying an Auntie Ann's pretzel!
While L was down for a nap and Mommy was finishing up laundry, Sally got to skip her quiet time and go to the DMV with Daddy to renew his license. She was a good partner so he treated her to a cookie at Nelson's!

Before Daddy had to head to class we went to Yum! for an earlier dinner {for Daddy} and birthday treats!

We're excited that next year at the this time, Daddy won't be having ANY class to head to!

Happy Birthday, Babens! Thank you for being more than I could have ever dreamed of, as a husband and as a Father of our Children.  I love you so very much and hope you know how special you are to us and how very much we appreciate all that you do to make us happy!  Cheers to many more years!!

Your Girls and Baby

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