Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ordinary Days

The ordinary days tend to be my favorite.  I knew it was going to be a nice morning and that the rest of the week held the potential for rain, so I decided to go to the park in the morning.  I can't remember the last time we went to the park in the morning.  For sure some time last year, but unlikely when the pool was open.

At any rate, it was a beautiful spring day and it was just me and the girls.  The quiet moments allow me to soak it in and be grateful for my experiences.  Reid works very hard to provide for his girls to allow us these beautiful ordinary days, and I don't think we thank him enough. Thank you Babens, we appreciate you!

I got my coffee ready and the girls chose the wagon.  School is still in session so it was a quiet morning.  Just me and my girls at the park for an hour or so.  On the way home they chose to walk and skip and run and hold hands.  I got to hang back and watch and be thankful.

This is my life and I am so very grateful.  There are definitely hard and trying days, but these beautiful ordinary days way out number those.

"Hey Mom, take a picture of us and send it to Daddy!"

Libby's Godmother Meggers, sent her a little Easter gift so she could pick out a toy at Target.  This was the first time Libby got to do that.  She was pretty proud!

Thank you Meggers!

If you remember, last Fall Nana and Grandpa came down and planted some tulips for us!  Since the day they were in the ground, Sally would ask when they would bloom.  I told her when it was close to her birthday.  We've been anxiously waiting and watching.  Today we counted 9 or so popping through!

Happy Belated Earth Day!

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