Monday, March 10, 2014


Yahooooooooo! We maaaaaaaaade it through the worst! Thank goodness for the sunshine and warmer temps! Even the crazy mud puddles! Love love love this weather!  Someday years from now we'll be able to say, "Yeah, I remember the winter of 2014!!" One for the record books, that's for sure!

The girls have been getting a lot of outside time.  This weekend they were out with Reid while I surprised Jenny for a birthday lunch {and then again Saturday night for her surprise party! Love you JenBen!}!  Sunday we went for a walk and played outside.  Sally got to go outside for part of school today and we went for a walk and played outside this afternoon.  It's glorious!!

The girls are obsessed with a particular Monkey hat, and they found one that is for 0-9 months, it looks pretty ridiculous on Sally...

Happiness, me and my girls

We have a budding reader on our hands.  So much fun to watch her grown and her love for learning!  The first video was her second time reading the story.  Rag can be tricky :)  She was also getting used to having the camera on her.  The second video was her first time through with that story.  Love the B.O.B book series!

Proud of this little lady!

We're having a slumber party tonight with Lucy and Katherine!  Ever since Sally learned of this, she's been bouncing off the walls and telling everyone within earshot!  It's bound to be a great time!  All 4 girls are currently snoozing away!

Cousin Twins, 2 weeks apart :)

Sweet Dreams!! Happy Sunshine, Happy Melting!

Have fun Jenny and Brian, you more than deserve it!!

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