Monday, March 31, 2014

Superb Weekend

First of all, thank you thank you for all of the Congratulations and excitement about Baby C-Mile #3! 
TWO Big Sisters!

It's always fun to share the news and takes the excitement to the next level!  I'm starting to feel some relief here and there, so that's an added bonus too!!!

We had a pretty great weekend! The weather certainly helped!! Loooooooved soaking up some much needed vitamin D!

I'm pretty sure we're all suffering from a little S.A.D after this ridiculous winter.  It was amazing how everyone's behavior was so positive this weekend!!
Please Lord, no more of this!

That's pretty in the winter, but not 10 days after the first day of Spring!

We had our Norton Neighbors over for dinner on Friday! 

Good Ol' Cheese Pizza on a Friday during Lent!  We're hoping our next dinner date can be done outside on the grill!!
Daddy took the girls to get donuts Saturday morning and they surprised me with "Happy Spring, Feel Better" Daisies!

Sally borrowed one to play with.  She's big in to creative outfits, especially her jammies

We got outside for a couple of walks, the girls got to ride their bikes.  Libby's working on learning how to ride a big girl bike!

Sally thinks she's pretty funny with her horn honking abilities.  Our neighbors love us, I am sure!

While the awesome weather weekend was going on, my good friend Lizzy had her first baby!! A Boy, Milo!! How amazing does Liz look and how perfect is Little Milo!!

So proud of you Liz!

Welcome to the world, little guy, you're loved more than you know!!

Aaaaand to top it all off, Carrie turns 30 today!!

We all went out to celebrate her at Rosa Mexicano, Saturday night.  Oh goodness, is that food delicious!  Happy Birthday Carebear, love you girl!

And that brings us to today, a rainy Monday.  The girls are on Spring Break all week, we could sure go for some more sunny 45 degree days, we're not picky, we're not even asking for the 60's back :)

Have a great week Ya'll

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