Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Libby's a Pre-School Grad!

We jumped right back in following our return from Cali.  Libby had her pre-school "Movin' on up" ceremony on Monday.

She was so excited to wear her pretty dress!


She got an award for being such a great friend and kind to everyone

 so proud

 Caught this sweet moment while we were enjoying her slideshow
 The Craigmile Crew! Supporting Miggy!
 We got to sneak Sally out of class so she could be there to support Libby too.  They're so excited to go to school next year!
 We had a great year with Miss Miller, what a fabulous teacher.  She genuinely loves what she does!
 another Big Fan of Miss Miller is Emma!! She looked forward to her high fives and hugs each morning we'd drop Libby off!
 Another great year with Mrs. A, was so fun to have her back to back years.  Go Vikings ;)
 Girlfriends, ready to take on Kindergarten!
 PhotoBooth, the Craigmiles have got this down!
 and Friday was her last day of pre-school, ever! I wasn't really that emotional about it, until Miss Miller came out for pick up crying, then I lost it !
 She cannot wait for Kindergarten to start.  If she had it her way she's skip right over summer!
 I love how much my kids love school, I can't imagine having to push them out the door, otherwise.
 Tradition, cheers to a wonderful school year, not the academics, the effort, and kindness and always being true to who she is! Love you, sweet Libby Jo!

Their favorite part of the morning, when Mason wakes up.  They all fly up to his room and greet him and hug and kiss.  It's going to be a fun summer!
 Emma built a church and put everyone in their pew
 I found these gems from when Grandma was here and they were playing school

 and then Sally had May Crowning on Wednesday at school.  The 2nd graders dress in their 1st communion gear and each bring a flower down to give to Mary. Such a faith-filled special year!


Sally's class 1/3 of the 2nd grade

 Sweet Sweet girls in her class
 Anna won Culvers and Canvas from the school Gala and she invited Sally and Layla to join in the fun! Thank you, Anna!

 Mom, come take a picture of our silly faces


Oldies but goodies, from Daddy's phone, I guess they were late to sync

 a morning when Daddy had all 4 solo

 Divide and conquer
 When the Breunigs came to visit!!

and that's all for now! Feels good to catch up on pictures!

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